Thursday, March 29, 2012

First Quarter Review 2012

Can you believe it is the end of March already?  Me neither.  Where does the time go?  One quarter of 2012 is OVER just like that.  Here's a look back at the first quarter of 2012.

We had our first visitor of 2012 when my friend Candace come to visit.

Followed not too long after by my sister Amy and my niece Abbey's visit.

I slipped on a banana and PR'd at 3M Half Marathon.

We visited Great Wolf Lodge on Winter Break.

A group of great mother runners honored Sherry Arnold.

 Gran Gran came to visit and spoiled us rotten.

I ran the Livestrong Austin Half Marathon and had a FABULOUS time.

Spring soccer and baseball began. 

We enjoyed our school's spring carnival.

Ran the Statesman Capital 10K and almost died.

Ella had a rodeo day at school.

Our friends Jennifer and Steve visited and enjoyed spring break with us.

We finally got to see the real Austin Rodeo.

We took a day trip to San Antonio.

What a busy, adventurous start to 2012.  I'm sure the rest of 2012 will bring as many activities, adventures, and ultimately, memories.

Thanks for the memories, first quarter 2012.


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