Saturday, March 17, 2012

Rodeo Austin Take Two

Remember last year when we went to Austin Rodeo?  Well, as Rodeo "virgins" we didn't know at all what we were doing and we wound up basically paying WAY TOO much money for a stupid carnival.  Yes the kids had fun, but it wasn't the RODEO experience I had hoped for. 

This year, I vowed I'd redeem myself and actually get to see some actual rodeo.  With Jennifer and Steve in town, it felt like the perfect time to Cowboy Up and hit the real rodeo events this year.  

I was excited because not only had I scored rodeo tickets to see bull riding, barrel racing and mutton bustin', but Sara Evans was performing as well.

We arrived at the rodeo about 40 minutes before the festivities began.  It was a great night-- not too hot and not too cold, but it was a little windy.

We had eaten a late lunch so we decided to skip a full dinner and just pick up something at the rodeo.  I recalled the food from last year being expensive, but I was reminded this year again of the ridiculousness.  And this is what a $7 slice of pizza looks like.

I always justify the cost of things by the amount of fun the kids had.  They didn't seem to mind eating $40 worth of junk food, so I just had to let it go.

We got in our seats just as the rodeo began.  Might I add, there really wasn't a bad seat in the house as this is a smallish arena.

The first event was the bare buck riding.  Think bull riding with on a horse with no saddle.  The kids sat mesmerized through this event and for the next two hours.

The kids really enjoyed the show.  They sat for through all the rodeo events without complaint, but Ella was definitely itching to see Sara Evans.

Soon enough the rodeo ended and Sara took the stage.  Ella couldn't have been happier.  Sara Evans sang for about an hour and Ella smiled the whole time.  I definitely enjoyed the concert, she's a great performer.

This was definitely the way to do the rodeo.   I'm so glad we finally got a real rodeo experience.  It was worth the wait.  


G. said...

I LOVE the rodeo - altho' I only went once and we took Andrew years and years ago. Great experience for all of you! ... and Sara Evans to boot yahoooooo! xoxo G.

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