Monday, March 19, 2012

San Antonio Day Trip

I'm still a day behind in my blogging, but that's ok.  Right?

Yesterday we planned to head to San Antonio for the day so Jennifer and Steve could see the Alamo and Riverwalk.  Since we were going by we decided to stop at Juan in a Million to have their famous Don Juan breakfast taco.

We all ordered this plus a plate of migas to share.  I'd never heard of migas before I moved to Texas, but I've learned what they are and these are the absolute BEST I've ever eaten. I HAVE to go back an eat these migas again and again.  If you don't know what migas are click here (we ate the Tex-mex style).

After we filled our bellies we headed down to San Antonio.  We arrived there around 9:00 am and realized there was a half marathon that was finishing up.  I felt kind of sad that I missed it (I need to learn I can't run EVERY race) and it was really crowded in the Alamo "square".

I've been to the Alamo and never had to wait to get in.  I knew there wasn't much to see inside, but (rightfully so) Jen and Steve couldn't just take my word for it.  It turned out we only waited 20 or so minutes so it really wasn't that bad.

Sidebar:   Jennifer and I were in a BIG debate over the color of my shorts. I think they are one color and she thinks they are another.  PLEASE (so I can prove her wrong) leave a comment saying what color you think my shorts are.  

Personally I think there are a lot better things to look at OUTSIDE the Alamo, but I can only say that because I've been inside a few times.

After the Alamo we headed over to the river walk to take a river tour.

The river tour is normally pretty cool, but our tour guide kind of sucked and we couldn't hear anything he said.  It was still nice to take in the scenery.

We had another great day with the Buchas and it will be VERY sad to see them go tomorrow.  The kids especially aren't going to know what to do with themselves.  

Don't forget to vote on the color of my shorts!  


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