Monday, March 26, 2012

Spring Carnival

With all the happenings of the weekend, my illness and exhaustion, I never blogged about the Spring Carnival at the kids' school on Friday night.

 We started off at Lucky Key, where the kids try to unlock the door to a VERY CHEAP prize.  Not complaining, just sayin.  They both won so...

We weren't there more than 5 minutes before Ella saw all the things that were available to pretty herself including hair feathers, nail paining and face painting.

Jack partook in the face painting as well and prettied himself with a fire engine and a penguin (random).

In case you're wondering where Nicholas is, I allowed him (against my better judgement) to have free reign of the carnival for 45 minutes.  I gave him a meet up time and allowed him to go with a few of his friends.  It made me feel uneasy, but I have to let him grow up.  Baby steps.

Anyway, Ella and Jack tried the Bungee Run.  Basically, you are attached to a bungee cord and run as fast as you can and try to go further than your opponent.

Some were better than others.

Jack couldn't wait to ride the train (as it was pretty much the ONLY thing he did last year) and it didn't disappoint.

We met back up with Nicholas and Jack enjoyed a bunch of time in the bounce houses while Nicholas and Ella tried the hamster balls.  I thought Ella would have a hard time, but once again she surprised me.   She did great (as did Nicholas).

 We did a little golfing and George played with his phone,

and played with his phone,

picked his nose,

and played with his phone.  Glad we brought him along!

Ella loves to hula hoop and she's pretty good at it.

Her brothers aren't much of hip wigglers, but they were still able to give it a whirl.

It was funny to watch Ella attempt multiple hoops at one time.  She almost had it.

 We finished off the night with a little fashion photo booth.

Poor Ella, she wasn't into it at all!

 We had a GREAT evening at the carnival, it's nights like these, I think my kids will always remember.


G. said...

What a great opportunity for the kids - and good for you for letting Nicholas go with his friends (made me nervous too)........... xoxo G.

Kortni said...

What a fun the camo hat...hilarious!

Momswimbikerun said...

I soooooooo NEVER would have let Nicholas get away with the outfit Jack was wearing. By the third kid you just give up! lol

Heather said...

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robringer said...

Jack is SOOOO george's child with that hat on. and i like ella's mustache. lol

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