Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Staycation Day Two: A Postcard

Dear Bloggies:

I can't believe it's day two of our staycation already.  We are having absolutely gorgeous weather.  Man, did we luck out.  We couldn't ask for much better.

Today we had lots of things in mind to do (bowling, Jumpstreet) but none of them seemed to pan out for one reason or another so we wound up at Build a Bear of all places.  

Trust me, the last thing we need around here is three more stuffed animals, but it is staycation so I let it slide.

It was worth it too because the kids (even Nicholas) really had fun.  Seeing the smiles on their faces makes it all worth it even if I do have three more dust collectors in my house.  

We had lunch at a place called Torchy's Tacos.  Funny, I think we might have been there before, but I can't really recall.  Anyway, they have the best tacos EVER so if you ever staycation here, be sure to check it out.

After our adventure to the workshop we headed to a local Super Store where the sell everything you need for a staycation.  There we picked up Nicholas' newest "toy" and we couldn't get back to Porchview (back porch view to be exact) soon enough to use it.  Everyone took a turn.

You'll shoot your eye out!!!

The two older men left to go to the local baseball venue while Ella and Jack and I decided to go for a bike ride, push, and walk, respectively.

It was a nice four mile sweat to end a perfect day of staycation.

We're really having fun.  Wish you were here.

Mom Swim Bike Run


G. said...

Wish I was there too! xoxo G.

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