Thursday, March 22, 2012

Sweaty Accessories

You may not know this about me, but I read A LOT of blogs every day.  I started reading them just about 2 years ago and some blogs I have never missed a post since I began reading them.  A lot of the blogs I read are super popular with, what I imagine is, tons of readers.  So, they say things like, "A lot of readers asked this question" or "A bunch of you asked where I got the XYZ I was wearing in this race."

Well, here I am folks, your sad lonely blogger with just a handful of readers (ok several hands but still) and I have NEVER been asked the same question by multiple readers.  In fact, I barely get anyone who asks me questions at all.  *sad face*  Yet, I'm still here plugging away, just waiting for you to ask me all your burning questions.

In the meantime, I'm not waiting around and I'm going to let you know one of my absolute favorite running items.  One I couldn't live without and that my friends, is the Sweaty Band.  Basically since I started wearing them I haven't stopped.  I've worn them in every race since Livestrong Austin 2011 (ok I lied occasionally I will wear a hat).

Livestrong was the first time I ever wore a Sweaty Band and it took me 5 hours to run that sucker and my headband never moved once.  NOT ONCE!

They come in all kinds of different colors/patterns so you can choose one to match every outfit (and I do).

The black with pink polka dot is my favorite.  In fact, I lost it in the lake last year and quickly had to buy a new one.

This all black one is lost too!  Perhaps I need to buy a new one of those!

Sweaty Bands come in varying widths as well.   Although I prefer the 1 inch thick bands I have one larger and one smaller one as well.  In my opinion the smaller ones don't stay in as well.  I started this race in my silver sparkle one.

But ended the race with it around my wrist.  Nevertheless, I think it's cute, it just doesn't work well on my head.

Similarly, the thicker band doesn't work well for me working out, but I definitely think it looks super cute.

The thing is, you can't really go wrong.  Sweaty Bands even absorb blood should you happen to slip on a banana during a race.

This one is a Razzy Roo, but don't tell Sweaty Band I cheated on her.  I just couldn't resist the pink sparkle and who could?

So there you have it folks.  My one MUST HAVE for racing.  I'd like to be able to say you asked for it, but alas I had to tell you myself.  *tear*


G. said...

Excuse me miss - I have a question - can those bands be washed in the washer? I hope so! G.

Momswimbikerun said...


Kortni said...

My husband's cousin makes "sweaty bands" but they are not called that and are way cheaper. I love to run in them as well.

I'll bite...where do you get all your tank tops? They are super cute!

Anonymous said...

Swim, bike, run... I enjoy the blog, but have to ask - any triathlons coming up? I stumbled across the blog searching that topic. Just curious. Good luck in Pittsburgh, I'll be running it for the second time.

Momswimbikerun said...

Looking back, almost every tank I have on is from TJ Maxx! Love that store!

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