Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Beyond the Wall

This post is entirely selfish.  There is really nothing here for you, other than the satisfaction of having done a good deed.  You see, my friend Kelley told me about a really amazing contest.  This contest is sponsored by Yurbuds and is called the Beyond the Wall Photo Contest.  Here are the deets from the Yurbuds website :


Picture this: You broke through. You reached the top of the mountain in record time, just as the sun set over your shoulder. You take a picture to record the moment, but now what?
Post your action photo to our Facebook App or tweet it to @yurbuds along with the #beyondthewall tag to enter the #BEYONDTHEWALL Photo Contest. Share your #beyondthewall moments with us and invite your friends to VOTE for your photo. You could win an all-expense-paid trip to HAWAII for the 2012 Ironman World Championship, get your photo on the jumbotron in TIMES SQUARE, get an iPad 3, and more! Push#beyondthewall with yurbuds!
So you can see where this is going right?  I entered my EPIC rash crash photo from the 3M Half Marathon where I overcame falling flat on my face and set a personal record at the 13.1 mile distance and went BEYOND THE WALL.  

If I win this contest (with your help) I can win a trip to Ironman Kona!  How cool would that be?   All it takes is a click (or two) to vote.   Click here and then click the vote button, it's that simple (You might have to look for my photo but hopefully I'll be near the top.  I'm listed with the above pic under Susan T.).  Like I said there's nothing in it for you, but this is a trip for TWO.  
While you're at it you can vote for my friend Kelley who told me about the contest.  Click here to vote for Kelley.  (Look for Kelley in a yellow swim cap (behind shot) under the name Kelley H.)

Thanks Friends!!!  


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