Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Deck of Death (Sponsored by Shower Pill)

So lately I've been trying to come up with some at home mini bootcamp workouts.  Just something I can do without having to go to the gym.  Sometimes I just get sick of it.  So far I've only come up with this one (which is killer) and today's workout-- the Deck of Death.  Ok when I say I came up with something basically that mans I steal ideas from the internet.  

Anyway, here's how it goes.  Grab your buddies and a deck of cards per person.  (Bianca was asleep when we started.)  

Designate one "move" for each suit in the deck.  We chose hearts as sit-ups, diamonds as squats, spades as pushups and clubs as burpees.

Draw your first card and perform the move (based on the suit) and the rep (based on the number).  Aces = 15 and face cards = 10.

For instance if you draw a 9 of clubs (like I did) you do 9 burpees.

Or if you draw a Queen of diamonds you do 10 squats.

It was so fun when we started drawing cards because we were all cursing as we turned over our cards.  Bianca kept drawing 10 reps (for the first 5 in a row) and I kept drawing burpees.

You keep turning over cards until you have done the WHOLE deck.  ALL 52 cards.  You get such a good mix of all the exercises and by the end you will have done 100 sit-ups,

100 squats,

100 pushups and...

 100 of our beloved burpees!!!

And if you've done everything right, you'll look like this in the end.

I forgot to mention that you are also supposed to do this workout as quickly as you possibly can.  I finished in 34 minutes and 34 seconds, but I feel like I was helped out by the luck of the draw.  I got most of my burpees out of the way in the beginning when I had the most energy.  So while Kelley and Bianca liked to laugh at me, I got the last laugh as they finished up with all their burpees.

So there you have it.  Another mini bootcamp workout designed to get the most out of your workout in a short amount of time!  Let me know what you think if you try it out.

After we finished our workout, we were so sweaty.  What better time to try out the ShowerPill athletic body wipes I received from the fine people at ShowerPill.

According to ShowerPill the athletic body wipe is a Premium, 9 X 8 inch, thick and durable wipe that is individually packaged for true on-the-go versatility.  How many times have I left the gym and needed these wipes before I ran errands?  Too many!

The girls were curious and wanted to give it a try.

We all started off wiping off our faces, 

and then moved to different areas of the body.

They really did help make you feel completely refreshed.  We all agreed that these would be great after a race when you want to hang out or go get a bite to eat.

 Me trying NOT to be sexy while wiping myself  

Don't get me wrong, you won't feel completely shower fresh, but you will feel way better than having done nothing at all.  The wipes are thick and seem to be fragrance free.  The don't leave a residue at all, so you're not left feeling sticky.  I'd definitely use this product again, especially after races.

You can buy ShowerPill here, if you're interested.  They sell for $12.50 for a pack of 10.  $1.25 for a "shower".  Not bad!  I hope they'll start carrying them at Walmart!  Hint hint ShowerPill peeps!

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Oh how I wish you'd do me this teeny tiny favor.  Thanks friends.  

                                 Thanks to ShowerPill for sending me the Athletic Body Wipes.  

As always, all opinions in this post are my own!  


xoxoxo G. said...

Great idea the deck of cards and much more fun with friends!

Kelley Humphries said...

Great Workout and must say there was a lot of groaning/cursing under my breath when the burpee cards were drawn.....who was the fool that invented that move????? haha

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