Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Easter 2012

I'm still on the Easter train around here so if you're sick of it, move along little doggie.  I promise this is the last of the catching up, however as I'm up to Sunday now.

Sunday morning started like any other Easter morning, with the pitter patter of little feet indicating it was time to get up and search for Easter Eggs.  Last year I managed to get everyone up and dressed before the hunt, but this year I let everyone hunt in their jammies and they arrived in style.  Oh well, what can I say.

They got right to the hunt and each one had about 20 eggs to collect.  I think we'll start having to hide them a little better because this was over pretty quickly.

Next up was finding their baskets.  Ella and Nicholas had seen Jack's right away, but Jack acted like he had never seen it.  When I told him it was time to search for his basket, he walked right over to the sand box, bent down and picked it up.  He had totally seen it and was just waiting for the end.

He was clearly excited about the theme of his basket-- transformers.

It didn't take Ella very long to find hers either.  I realized we didn't really hide hers very well.  When Nicholas was her age, we definitely hid it a lot harder.  Hers was behind the hose cart.  Next year it's on Ella!

See was also very happy with her Muppets basket.

The bunny always hides Nicholas' basket in a good/hard spot.  It took him awhile, but he finally discovered his basket under the grill cover.  He thought it was pretty tricky.  

I put a lot of effort into making the baskets for the kids, getting them what they're into at the time and making it a special treat.  Do you know how hard it is to find Muppet themed items?  Well let me tell you, it ain't easy.  I was afraid Ella would be disappointed, but she seemed to be perfectly content with her basket.  Wait, now that I recall, she did mention something about there being no toy.  BRAT!  haha

I worried Nicholas would be bummed he got clothes, but he actually LOVED his basket and said it was the best one ever.  Smart Bunny!

Of course, Jack was over the moon with his basket.  He was definitely EXCITED.  Again, that's a smart bunny!

After all the eggs, we got all dressed up and headed out to church.

And I was actually able to score a GOOD family photo (even though Jack's shirt is untucked #$%^&).

It could always be worse right?

After church we packed up and headed out on the boat, but you'll have to come back and hear about that tomorrow.  Ok so I lied, it'll be one more day until we're all caught up!


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