Sunday, April 8, 2012

Easter Eggs 101

Wow, what a weekend.  Y'all missed out on a lot.  Where were you?  Ok wait, it was me that has been missing for two days not YOU.  My fault!  Well, I'm here to catch you up on all that's been going on this Easter weekend, but it will take more than one post, cause I'm pooped.

Saturday was to be a jammed packed day so Friday night we decided we'd dye our easter eggs.

We always do Easter eggs freshly showered and in our jammies.  Long ago, when I had lots of energy, my kids would look so adorable in their cute little Easterish jammies.  Well folks, nowadays I pick and choose what I have time for and I bring to you the best jammies money can buy (tie dye and race t-shirts).  You'll forgive me right?  Wait until you see Easter morning.  YIKES!

Anyway, last year I picked up this egg spinner on clearance at Walmart after Easter and it was worth the $1.  You put your egg in along with a few drops of their special egg dye and you get out a beautifully speckled egg.

Everyone had fun using it.

And like I said, the eggs turned out cute.

Unless of course your attempt was to make a camo egg and, in my opinion, that's just ugly, but he liked it!  

 We also made them the old school way with good ole vinegar and water and the little tablets.

The kids had a LOT of fun making their eggs, as they always do.  Why is this such a fun thing for kids?  It seems to me the bigger the mess for the mom, the more fun the kids have.  No?  Well I fooled you cause I bought that clashtastic tablecloth for $3.  Take that, mess!

As with everything else, it's worth it to see them happy and creating memories and carrying on traditions that I did as a child.

Of course, Ella got her dance on while creating her masterpieces.

And Jack loved on his daddy (as per usual... whatever).

 So there you have it THREE dozen eggs all dyed to perfection....

... and I'm the only one that will eat them.  *sigh*

Lots more Easter fun to be continued tomorrow.


G. said...

ahhh traditions!! xoxo G.

robringer said...

i'll eat them...just ship them up in a cold pack along with some texas hot sauce. :)

Hellersally said...

If you are the only one that eats them ,I am sooooooo glad that I still live in Indiana. the after affects of eating hard boiled eggs is horrendous. I pray we have no southeasterly winds. LOL

Hellersally said...

I really miss this tradition. My youngest grandson had a ball coloring easter eggs when he was 2

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