Wednesday, April 11, 2012

First Time Boaters

Ok so here we are on Wednesday and I'm finally going to finish up talking about the weekend.  

Sunday after church we packed up our Easter picnic and headed to the lake on our new boat (which I forgot to take a picture of).  

The whole boating thing is a relatively new concept to both George and myself.  Trailering it is enough to make me nervous.   I don't like driving on the highway with it and I certainly don't like the thought of backing it down the boat ramp.  George, on the other hand, can do everything and he managed the boat just fine. 

We got to the lake pretty late (almost 2:30) and, like I said, George backed the boat down the ramp.  He had to get in the boat with the kids and back the boat off.  At this point I hadn't ever driven a boat and I had no idea how to drive it.  All I had to do was drive the truck up the ramp and park it.  Easy enough!  

Well as soon as I drove away I could tell something was wrong.  George wasn't moving anywhere and there were other people waiting to unload.  I wondered what possibly could be wrong.  Well my friends, we had a dead battery.  Rookie mistake!  

Luckily there was an EXTREMELY nice man waiting to put in his Jet Skis that helped us.  He backed our truck back down the ramp (thank God), we got the boat back on the trailer and were able to jump the boat battery.  I'm so thankful that this gentleman was there to help us.  He was so sweet and kind to the kids and you could tell he was a genuinely good person.  I tried to pay him for his troubles, but he refused the money and told me to spend it on the kids.  I hope good things come back to him!  

Anyway, the whole process took quite a while, but we finally got going and when we did the kids had a GREAT time. 

The outside temperature was about 83 degrees, but the water still seemed very chilly to me.  The kids didn't really mind and jumped right in.   Ok some cautiously got in. 

It took them a moment to remember their swimming legs, but they got a hold of it almost right away.

How's the water Nicholas?

After a short while swimming, Nicholas decided he wanted to go wake boarding.

That little stinker got right up, after not having ridden in over 6 months.

He had lost a little of his knack, however, because he couldn't stay up too long.   He got REALLY cold really quickly and decided to "quit" after just three tries.

I know he'll try again when it's warmer and be back to his usual self and hopefully learn some tricks this year.

What do you think Nicholas?

 We spent the rest of the time just riding around the lake enjoying the views....

 ... soaking up the sun,

and having a general good time.

Even with the minor snafu in the beginning, we still had an awesome first boating experience.  Sure we have a lot to learn, but I suspect there are a LOT of good times in store for us as well.  Don't worry, I'll be back again to tell you all about it.

By the way, I got a lesson on driving the boat and even though it made me nervous, I think I can do it.  It's just going to take some practicing.

 I still prefer being the lazy passenger.


G. said...

Well! That was the abbreviated version - I was laughing as I read it! Glad you got the boat...just be careful...yourselves and of OTHERS! xoxoxo G.

tracey smith said...

Nate and I used to have a boat (pre kids) and I also hated trailering it and getting it in and out of the water. I did like driving it, though. We had such a fun summer one year taking the boat out every weekend- enjoy it!

robringer said...

CAN NICHOLAS teach me to wakeboard?? i want to learn so bad.

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