Thursday, April 26, 2012

I'm Pregnant

Can you believe I got in to the New York City Marathon?  I know!  I'm kind of in shock myself.  Remember I was asking myself if I even really wanted in.   Well, you know what happened right?  I'll tell you.  This is how I found out I got IN!

It was announced by NYRR that the lottery would be announced at 12 noon EST on April 25th.  So I, like every other NYC Marathon hopeful, was glued to my computer at 12 noon EST.  I, like every other NYC Marathon hopeful, was sorely disappointed.  There was a bunch on nonsense going on on the live feed, but nothing that allowed me to search and see if I was, in fact, IN!

There was a note on the site saying that the search would be available at 12:35 pm.  Ok so why tell the whole world 12 noon?  So I went about getting ready for my lunch "date" and went back to check at 12:35.  Still NOTHING.  But, the NYRR site had up a live Twitter chat for anyone tweeting with #nyrr and #nycmarathon.  Everyone was up in arms that the information was still unavailable.

Totally frustrated, I left for lunch with my friend shortly before 1:00 (still no word).  After lunch I came home again and NYRR had updated their site saying to check back tomorrow?  REALLY NYRR?  I mean seriously!  You could announce the lottery any day of the year.  So if you say it's going to be April 25th at 12:00 noon EST it better be then and not a moment later.

Still, people were commenting on the Twitter live chat that their bank accounts had been charged with the hefty $255 entrance fee.  I immediately called George (no I have NO idea how to log on to our online banking... I tried) and asked him to check the account.  NOTHING.

Feeling defeated, I figured it wasn't my year to get in.  I felt relieved and disappointed (I know there are people out there that can relate).  I hadn't TOTALLY given up hope, however so at 3:00 I texted George and asked him to check the account.  Maybe a half an hour later my phone starts ringing and I see that it's George.  Right then I knew!  I knew he wouldn't be calling to tell me there was NO charge.  I knew he had to be calling to say there was a charge to our account.

Me:  Hello
George:  Well congratulations
Me:  You better not even be messing with me
George:  I'm not
Me:  'cause seriously if you are, I'm going to be really mad
George:  I'm seriously not kidding $255 was charged to our account

I immediately teared up.  It wasn't a boo hoo sob fest, but I definitely had tears well in my eyes and I had to wipe the corners of my eyes.  I'm sure George cried too as he added up $255 for the entrance fee, $1500 for a hotel, $2500 for flight ...... etc.  In fact, he's probably the one having a sob fest.  He wasn't exactly sharing in my joy.

That's right I said JOY.  You see, finding out if you're getting into the NYC Marathon is very similar to peeing on a pregnancy test stick.  Yes I made that analogy (and yes I realize this is NOT the case for everyone), but  I imagine someone out there can relate.

I remember it from a movie (the name escapes me), but the character thought she was pregnant and had to go get a pregnancy test.  In the hours leading up to "peeing on the stick" she was scared, nervous, but also a little excited.  Part of her wanted the baby (even if it was totally unplanned).  Was this Rachel from friends?  Anyone?  Anyone?

Anyway, when she saw the stick come up negative (or so Pheobe told her... it's coming back to me) she cried.  She cried because she was so disappointed.  Just the thought that is could happen made her realize that she DID want it to be true.   So while I said I maybe didn't want to get in, dangling the carrot (the lottery) in front of me, made me realize how badly I did want IN!  

Tell me the pregnancy test analogy doesn't work for almost every scenario:

You want the baby (IN) so badly... The test is positive (you're IN) and you're elated
You did the deed (applied) but now you're not sure if you want a baby (IN)...  The test is negative (you're not IN) and you're elated.
You did the deed (applied) but now you're not sure if you want a baby (IN)... The test is positive (you're IN) and you're now scared, nervous and don't know how you'll make it.

The list of scenarios could go on and on, but you get the picture.  So people, I did the deed, I peed on the stick, I'm pregnant (even if I didn't really want to be) and I'm elated.  Like every new "parent" I'm a little nervous of the pregnancy and the labor!!!  There's only one thing left to say.... Can I get an epidural?

Did you get into the NYC Marathon or not?  What was your "peeing on the stick" moment?  


Kortni said...

You are hilarious! I almost died when I read the title of your post. I love the comparison to Friends, which is one of the best shows ever! SO excited for you!

RunFitMama said...

I totally get what you're saying :)

Courtney said...


curvy housewife said...

congratulations!!! and yes an unforgettable friends :) i was waiting fir you to say the whole time..."but I can't do it. cause Im pregnant."lol

ron o said...

"I'm pregnant!..."
"What?...with a notion?"
"No a baby"

Congrats Susan!! I hope it is everything you dream it will be. You should sell hoagies or something like kids do to raise the money for your trip... :)

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