Tuesday, April 3, 2012

I'm a Runner XII

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When I was in elementary school, I always remember there being running competitions.  I was a pretty good runner back then.  I was always one of the top 3.  I wish I would have taken the confidence from back then and channeled it into some good running mojo.  

Throughout my life, I would go through stages of exercising and not.  Sometimes it was just for a day and then other times a week.  I never really got serious until my last year of college and then fell off the wagon again for the 5 years I was having kids.  I've been on the exercise wagon now for FOUR years and I'm NEVER falling off. 

I was a smoker when I drank in college (and that was often).  I can't even imagine doing that to my body now and wonder how anyone could be both a smoker and a runner. 

I run almost exclusively with friends these days and I think it's become a bit of a crutch.  Don't get me wrong, I wouldn't change it for anything, but it makes getting out there alone a LOT less desirable.  

New York is BY FAR the coolest place I have ever run.   Running in Central Park felt so surreal.  I don't know if it was the excitement of the marathon in the air or just the atmosphere,  but it is a moment I won't soon forget.  I look forward to the day I'm in NYC running the marathon and not just in the cheering section (although that was INCREDIBLY cool).  

I felt good through the first 10 miles of my last marathon.  It was the last 16.2 that got me!  It's funny how one day is different than the next when it comes to running.  The day of my marathon just wasn't my "running day" (I finished in 5:02).

After the race I had to get in the car and drive home one and a half hours.  We stopped and ate at Cracker Barrel (breakfast obviously) and that may have been the best hash brown casserole of my life.    

Last summer I spent countless hours running by my friend Bianca's side training for the marathon.  Had we not been training for the marathon together, I might have missed the opportunity to develop a long lasting friendship.  See, there are definitely MANY perks to running.  

Health is my greatest motivator for running and working out.  Yes, I admit that it all started because I wanted to lose weight, but running has become something I do to keep my healthy mentally and physically and most likely I haven't lost many L-Bs due to running. In fact, most marathoners GAIN weight durning training.  Go figure.  

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tracey smith said...

I love these posts. I had no idea you smoked a little in college. I can't even picture you doing that!

robringer said...

i didn't know you were a smoker either!! tsk tsk!! i love the i'm a runner series! keep it up dooood.

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