Monday, April 30, 2012

I'm a Runner XIII

Susan Tirch,  Juggler37 Texas

All moms run.  Wait they don't?  I don't know how you relieve your stress then.  Running is a great way to get away.  I want one of those shirts that says, "Are the kids still chasing me?" on the back.

Nowadays I'm running about 20 to 25 miles a week.  It doesn't seem like much to me any more.  I know I'll be looking back at these weeks during marathon training and wishing my mileage was this "low".

Two days prior to big races I start focusing on hydrating.  I know I should do it earlier than that even, but this is the best I can do.  I'm a Diet Coke addict so for every DC I drink I make myself drink an equal amount of water.  I don't care what anyone says, hydration is almost as important as training.

I been having problems with my legs feeling really tired all the time despite not having done tremendously difficult runs or workouts.  Anyone want to offer any advice?

In Pittsburgh, I learned to run in bitter cold temps and adapted quite well.  I hardly even noticed it was cold when I was running.  In Texas, I've learned to run in extreme heat, but I can't say that I've adapted.  Give me -4 degree temps any day.

I like putting, my Chapstick in my Spibelt or water belt.  I've master the one hand lid removal, application and recapping process.  It's probably the only talent I possess.  All while running mind you.  Nothing comes between me and my Chapstick.

I don't eat.... hmmmm there's nothing I can think of that I don't eat, but I don't particularly care for beans.  I don't like baked beans or refried beans.  I do, however, like the black and green varieties.

Salty foods are my downfall.  I prefer "real food" over sweets too.  I'd choose fries over ice cream or pizza over a cupcake most any day.

Throughout my running "career" I haven't suffered any serious running related injuries.   (Well aside from busting my face open slipping on a banana).  George tells me it's only a matter of time.  It's been almost three years.  I'm waiting for the other shoe to drop (Hopefully it's a Saucony Progrid Mirage... Size 9).

When I did fall on the banana during the 3M Race,  I was told I needed stitches by the medical professionals in the medical tent.  I guess I should have looked myself because I wound up going home with a tetanus shot, no stitches and a VERY expensive ER bill.

It's been my dream to run the NYC Marathon and I'll finally see that dream come true on November 4th of this year.  I'm planning on soaking in every moment of that race and remind myself to live in the moment and not let the experienced be sucked away by the effort 26.2 miles takes.  In other words, I'll be running slowly!

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Kortni said...

I love ready these monthly editions! I wish I had some advice on your legs. Maybe it is the heat and they will be ready to go in Pittsburgh!

G. said...

Awesome post! xoxo G.

Courtney said...

Hey! Just a thought about your legs...I also had that same feeling during my 1/2 training. As a massage therapist, I'd suggest going to get a good massage at least once a month if you're not. It's great for circulation and w/ all the running, would feel awesome and promote good circulation!! Even a 1/2 hr specifically focused on your legs/glutes/feet would do you a world of good!

And SO funny about the chapstick! I put the same thing in my fuel belt and it was a godsend!!:)

Courtney said...

not sure why i put circulation on their twice;) ha. well, it's good for it!

Tobinella said...

*THERE, not their. Good gosh, i need sleep!

Jill Ellingson said...

The Chapstick talent...amazing skill! Congrats on New York...very exciting.

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