Sunday, April 29, 2012

Lazy Lake Day

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Today I did something really bad.  I skipped my long run.  I can honestly say I've NEVER skipped a long run while training for an event.  Not since I started in August of 2009, did I decide I just didn't want to do it.  That is, until today.  I woke up and I just didn't want to run.  So I didn't.  I thought I'd feel guilty and I really didn't.  Ok, I felt 99% satisfied with my decision and only 1% guilty.

I managed to have an EXCELLENT day even.  We spent about 7 hours on the lake today with Julie's family and it was fabulous.  Aside from a little too much wind, the day was absolutely perfect.  

As always, we pretty much had the lake to ourselves.

 Ella's favorite past time today was just hanging out relaxing.

I wonder where she gets it (this is ALWAYS where I want to be)?

Mike and Julie brought along their Jetskis so we were all able to have a lot of fun and never felt over crowded.  

We like to pull up in the little coves and anchor the boat and Jetskis for a little swimming.  The water is still a tad cold for my liking.  

I did attempt to wake board, however, and I got up on my third try.

I couldn't stay up for long, but I blame that on our trusty driver.  There's a learning curve in the whole boating thing and we're still learning.  George did well getting me up, but hasn't found that "sweet spot" to keep me up and moving.  We'll figure it out (when the water is a little warmer).  

 Thanks to Mike for helping me (and by helping I mean doing) back the trailer down the boat ramp.  

After six hours in the sun, we were all a little tuckered.  Even I'm exhausted.  I still think I made the right decision skipping that run!


Jharmon671 said...

Great day, indeed! Except I forgot to steal the rest of the dip from you!

Watchpot said...

Sweet life! Sweet Friends - what more could you want??? xoxo G.

Kortni said...

What a great way to spend the day!

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