Monday, April 16, 2012

Slow Progress

Ok so about 3 weeks ago I made a proclamation to get my #$%^ together and start eating healthy and take off some major LBs before the Pittsburgh Half Marathon.  I thought I'd check in with you and let you know how I've been doing.  

Well, for the most part I've been doing REALLY WELL.  For someone who is a lover of all food and a self-proclaimed junk food junkie, I've been making better choices.  I'm typically eating about 1500 calories per day (some days more some days less).  I find that if I eat considerably less than 1500 calories, I'm irritable, and frankly, just down right miserable.  

No matter how badly I wish to lose weight, I'm not willing to compromise my happiness and miss out on things that bring me joy.  I feel like the key to weight loss success is not feeling deprived.   If you feel deprived, you're more likely to binge on something.  I don't make anything off limits at all, but I am trying to make better choices when I can.  I found I enjoy a turkey burger, maybe not quite as much as a good ole cheeseburger, but enough that I'm not feeling deprived when I'm eating turkey instead of beef. 

My goal was to be 128 by May 6th (the day of the Pittsburgh Half Marathon) and I'm proud to tell you all, after losing 6 pounds, I'm half way there.  So if you can do math you can see that I just revealed my weight to the entire blog world.  Hello blog world, my name is Susan.  I am 5' 4.5" and I weigh 134 pounds (and yes that means I was up as high as 140 not too long ago).  

To be honest, I've decided that weight doesn't really matter.  Can you tell the difference between me at 140 and 134?  

  134 lbs 
140 lbs (maybe more)

While I believe that 140 pounds is personally too heavy for me, I don't think I looked bad per se.  I chose the number 128 because it was a goal to get to, not because I thought it was the perfect weight or size.  I'm honestly trying to GAIN STRENGTH, make better food choices, and thus lose weight so I can be a better athlete.  

Sure I'd like to look better in a bikini, who wouldn't, but that is not my primary motivation.  I might not be 128 by May 6th and maybe come August or September I'll be less than that or maybe I'll be back to my "old self".  I don't have a crystal ball, so I'm not sure what the future holds.  Right now I'm happy with the choices I'm making and I'm making progress-- slow progress, but progress nonetheless.  


Lisa McCarthy said...

You look great! I think the scale is just a number. I know I weigh more than I did pre-babies, etc. but I am probably in the best shape of my adult life. I go by how my clothes fit.

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