Friday, April 13, 2012

Sweet Berry Farms Field Trip

Today was Ella's Kinder field trip to Sweet Berry Farms.  We go here every year for Halloweenbut at this time of year it's set up for Strawberry picking.

Yours truly took on the task of making all the shirts for the kids.  I hand stenciled 24 shirts (22 kids plus Mrs. Bronstad and her student teacher Ms. George).  Another mom helped me do all the little handprints.  I don't know why I didn't involve more moms for help.  I guess it's just my type A personality.

Anyway, the shirts turned out incredibly cute on all the kiddos and I think they were appreciated by all the moms and other Kinder teachers.

I should give credit where credit is due.  I "stole" this idea from Nicholas' Kinder teacher (Hi Miss Wertz!!!!)  way back when.

Luke, Nicholas and Davis Kindergarten 2009

I let her know that I was making these shirts all the way in Texas and she told me that she is on her 18th shirt and she has saved them all.  I hope these kids will save them too.  Thanks for the idea Miss Wertz!  

But back to the field trip.... The kids got to do a lot of cute things, including releasing lady bugs into their (pesticide free) strawberry fields.  

And of course they got to pick strawberries, which were incredibly fresh (obvi) and delicious.

Ella really loved picking the strawberries and was diligent in her efforts to make sure she had the perfect bunch.  She says she wants to cover them in chocolate.  That's my girl!

Ella's kindergarten experience has been nothing but pure joy.  She adores her friends!

More importantly, Ella loves her teacher (and the student teacher, whose last day was today).  I feel so happy that she has had such a great kinder experience and I hope she'll remember Mrs. Bronstad in the same esteem as I do my kindergarten teacher (my favorite teacher of ALL TIME).

Today's field trip just reminded me that my baby girl is one step closer to finishing her first year of school.  For now, I'm just pretending it's not true and I'll just save up all my tears for graduation.


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