Tuesday, May 8, 2012

April Photostream

I feel like I document so so so much of my life.   I'm an open book really.  Between Facebook, Dailymile, and Myfitnesspal one can pretty much know the daily goings on in my life, my workouts and even what I eat.  

The truth is, I take hundred of pictures every month and, believe it or not, they don't ALL make the blog.  Granted they make Facebook quite often, but not everyone that reads my blog is my personal Facebook friend.  So folks, you've been missing out on a bunch of mundane boring events. 

I bring to you the first Monthly installment of Photostream.   Basically, anything you might have missed if you blinked or sneezed.  

Here goes.... The boring, mundane details of my life in April.  Ok, Ok I admit it.  This is for ME to remember, not YOU.  Play along will you?  

I bought a new pair of Coach sandals that were overpriced and I didn't need, but they made me extremely happy.  

I met and fell in love with baby Kysa.  She makes baseball so much better (and I already liked baseball)!  

I realized my love for Diet Coke rivals that of other human beings.  I mean look at my smile above and compare it to the smile below.  (Truly, I do love Kysa more).  

I went through the painstaking process of hand printing 22 kids on 24 shirts for Ella's kindergarten field trip with the help of one other mom.  Worth it!

Nicholas got his first (of what I'm sure will be many) wake boards.

I celebrated Julie's birthday with GREAT friends and indulged in too many cocktails (this is a once to twice yearly event... the booze not the birthday).

We shared a beautiful Easter service with the Corbins at church.

We shopped for new life jackets and my kids got a little hung up deciding.  Hahaha

Nicholas and his baseball team got to walk on the field at the local farm team's (Round Rock Express) stadium.

I turned a too big t-shirt into this AWESOME tank (with the help of Shannon) using this tutorial.  It turned out so cute!!!  You should try it, it's easy if you can sew a stitch in a straight line (why I had to ask Shannon to help).

Nicholas rode a bull.  

George came home with shooting paraphernalia (also Jack drools apparently).  

They boys got haircuts and Nicholas bought a new XBox game.

So there you have it.  A month in my mundane life.  It's not as glamorous as lame as you thought!  

I bet you can't wait for May to be over so we can do this again next month.   


ron o said...

where would we be without our photostreams...mine is on flickr...where you can see a constant stream of many of the same photo's of noah in different outfits...i need to get that kid outta the house for some pictures!! he is getting so mobile now.

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