Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Lofty Goals

Tomorrow I'm leaving for Pittsburgh to run the Pittsburgh Half Marathon.   It seems like just yesterday I started my plan to convince George to "let" me go to Pittsburgh.  In reality, it was in January I formulated the plan to run in Pittsburgh.  I then declared in February that I'd run fast with less lard in Pittsburgh.  I then took it a step further and declared (on March 21st) my intent to weigh 128 (or bust) on race day.

Well, here I am almost 6 weeks later and I guess you could call me busted.   I knew 128 was a lofty goal, but I'm all about seeing lofty goals.  Regardless, I'm pretty proud to let you know as of this morning I weighed 131.4 pounds.  I'm calling that 131-- just 3 pounds shy of my goal.

I'm not really mad that I didn't make my goal because I knew it was a tad unrealistic.  I still ate a lot of what I wanted during this time, so I'm completely content.  Shedding 9 pounds (since January) will surely help me to run faster.... and clearly I have less lard.  So all and all the "operation" was a success.

I'll be meeting up with a few lovely ladies in the burgh for the big race.

My Niece Abbey 

I'll be running this race with Tracey by my side and most likely Candi too.  I do think, however, Candi will wind up leaving us in her dust!  And by us I really just mean me because Tracey is merely pacing me to, what will hopefully become, my new Half Marathon personal record.  Lofty goals!  I'm all about them!  


Kortni said...

Positive can do it! Have fun, race strong, and can't wait to hear all about it!!

G. said...

Good Luck - just do your best! xoxo G.

tracey smith said...

Looking forward to running with you again!!

JulietteHarmon said...

No sweat! You got this!

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