Monday, May 7, 2012

Missing Pieces

As you probably already know, I ran the Pittsburgh Half Marathon on Sunday.   It was a spectacular race.  There is really no other way for me to describe it.  The whole race just brought me so much happiness, but.... I hate to even insert a but.... but my family wasn't there with me.

Sure I had my sister and my niece and they were WONDERFUL as were ALL my friends.  However, I'm talking about MY family.  My little Tirch family.  My loves.  My hubby and my babies.   I really felt like, without them there, a piece of me was missing.  

I have to admit, at one point during the race I had a daydream that my family showed up and was there to cheer me on in the end.  I knew it would never come true, but when you're running that far sometimes you hallucinate.  Just me? Again?!  Damn.  

Anyway, I knew they wouldn't be there, but it didn't stop me from wishing it were true.  I mean who doesn't want this? 

Or this...

or this.  

They're my support crew and I missed them a lot!  

I figured the kids really didn't care that they were missing a race.  I'll be honest, Ella complains a LOT about going to races because she hates waiting for "so long" and she hates to walk.  She makes me laugh. The point is, I didn't think they were losing any sleep over missing mama at a race.  

Turns out, they were thinking of me all along and I came home to this... 

 I think she has me on the podium and I think it's hilarious that she's saying "like"


 I love that is black and gold and he has me coming into the finish with my hands up

and this.
I don't know why santa is in the pic, but maybe he runs half marathons too.  Also why am I naked? 

While they weren't there with me physically, it warms my heart to know when I was wishing for them, they were at home cheering me on with their posters.   A piece of me wasn't missing.   It was with me all along.  


Steelerfan said...

Great post! Especially the part about your Ella hates walking and hates gym class and exercises but loves her ballet and tap class! Lol

Watchpot said...

Oh save those pics - save them - they will bring you so much comfort and happiness years down the road. They are special kids! Hubby isn't bad either. know who!

ron o said...

like. :)

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