Sunday, May 20, 2012

NYC Marathon Training Program Revealed

I can't believe that I'm already talking about marathon training for the NYC marathon.  I do realize it is nearly 6 months away, but I'm ready to tackle this thing and start training.  As in the past, I have selected Hal Higdon's Marathon 3 Training Program.   I like this program because it requires running just 3 days a week.  For me, it's a way to not get burned out on running.  I also like that the plan calls for three 20 mile runs.

As with all my training programs, I've tweaked this plan to fit my running needs.  I have to do my long runs on Sundays due to my kids' sports schedules.  With all three kids involved in sports, there are 3 games every Saturday and I don't want to continually have to adjust my schedule around their games.  Running on Sunday it is.

Sunday:  Long Run
Monday:  Cross and Strength (mini bootcamp)
Tuesday:  Rest or Strength (depending on how I feel)
Wednesday:  Run
Thursday:  Cycle and Strength
Friday:  Run (pace/tempo)
Saturday:  Rest

None of the "perfect" scenarios I worked up in my head are really going to work out.  Summer is a free for all since I have all 3 kids all the time.  When school starts in September, Jack has school Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays, but can't be dropped off until 9:00 am (Body Pump starts at 8:30).  So while I'd love to stick to my Monday/Wednesday Body Pump schedule, I don't see it working out.   George typically works from home on Mondays so I'm hoping he can take Jack to school on Mondays.  It's not always going to work out.

The only day I'm really "worried" about is Monday because I have no idea what I'm going to do for "cross".  Who knows maybe they'll be some swimming up in here!

I'd also love to ride my bike, but with the kids out of school that is out of the question.  I could try to take my mountain bike out on the trail with Ella and Jack in the trailer and let Nicholas ride along.  Maybe Ella could ride along too.  After school starts I could ride my bike on Mondays and that will make me happy.

There are a lot of other things affecting the plan as well.  Like, whether or not my friends will be able to fit into my schedule.  Obviously I'd love to have my friends running and biking with me.  I'm a little scared of being all alone.  Whoa is me, I know!  I guess it will all work out.

Regardless of what happens and what adjustments will need to be made, I've made the plan and put it on paper.  24 weeks of training will start tomorrow.

If you'd like to see my specific training program you can click on THIS LINK or copy and past the link into your browser.

It's going to be a LONG, fun ride.  I hope you'll join me as I Mom, Swim, Bike and RUN!!!!


G. said...

Good Luck - it will be time before you know it!

Kortni said...

Wow! I admire your dedication to trying through the, vacation, and the heat! Can't wait to follow along with your journey!

ron o said...

Run Susan run!! you could always get the P90x dvd's and do them from home for cross training...they are a blast. I love them. (insanity is also a good time) as a replacement for body pump...and you could even have jack jump around and do them with you.

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