Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Post Marathon Stress Disorder/Depression

My official race pics came out from the Pittsburgh Half Marathon.  I'm pretty disappointed in them to be honest... only b/c they are so copyrighted, I can't steal them!  ha!  I might have to buy the one of Tracey and I with our medals.

Anyway, I'm feeling a little PMSD (Post Marathon Stress Disorder/Depression).  I'm not quite sure what to do with myself since I'm not really starting marathon training for another 2 weeks.

So what have I been doing?  I've become obsessed with finding other blogger's race recaps.  I wanted to share.

Amanda @ Diary of a Mad Fat Woman Pittsburgh Half Marathon Race Recap
Sarah @ Sweet by Sara Race Recap:  Pittsburgh Half Marathon
Christina @ She Runs, She Eats Pittsburgh Half Marathon Race Report
Colleen @ Bee Fit Pittsburgh Marathon Race Recap
Ron @ FitDad or FatDad Marathon Relay Recap
Melissa @ Eat on the Run Pittsburgh Half Marathon
Rob @ PR on the Run Lessons from the Pittsburgh Marathon
Trish @Fitness, Food and Fronds I'm a Runner of Steel

It's been harder than I thought to find race recaps from Pittsburgh and I'm getting sleepy.  So if you have a blog, know someone who has a blog or read a blog (about the Pittsburgh Marathon of course) please feel free to leave a comment with the link in the comments section.

I can't wait to read YOUR recap, or your friend's or some guy you don't know!


Unknown said...

I finally wrote mine up... :)

spartan ab workout said...

This is a nice workout for a family. Joining a marathon can makes you body healthy and strong.

Christina said...

Hey, thanks for the link back!

As for post race blues (who doesn't have that at some point?), two weeks too bad of a wait. Use the time to rest up, enjoy just running for leisure, and you'll be all set for the next training cycle.

ron o said...


Letty Runzo Henry said...

I finally did my race recap although I don't keep up with my blog well!!

Erica Ridley said...

Look here for more marathon pictures.
And a blogger who ran the marathon - Adrian @ http://www.

Krista said...

Hey, Susan! It's Krista, Candace's friend. I'm new-ish to the blogging world, and I just posted my half marathon recap: :) Thanks for the colossal brownie sundae, by the way!

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