Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Simple Dirt Cups

I'm sure everyone has seen these before, and I'm certainly not claiming this to be an original idea, but this is what I did today so this is what you get to read about on the blog.

Jack's teachers asked if anyone would be interested in providing the class a special snack for the last day of school (tomorrow).  As usual, I couldn't keep my big mouth shut and I said I'd do it.  I'll also be blowing up 300 water balloons tomorrow and making rainbow cupcakes next week.  I just can't say no.   And why would I?  These are MY kids and I love doing everything for them.

Anyway, back to the special treats.  I give you SIMPLE Dirt Cups.  The key word here is simple.  I know lots of recipes call for mixing in cream cheese and whatnot, but I wanted this to be as easy as possible.

Simple Dirt Cups 


2 Packages of Oreos
Gummie Worms
Chocolate Pudding (I used the kind already made b/c I'm super lazy... SIMPLE)
Clear cocktail plastic cups


Mash up (very technical term) Oreos in the food processor....

... until you reach the consistency of dirt.

Add a layer of "dirt" to the bottom of the cups (I used about 1/3 cup)

Scoop a layer of chocolate pudding on top (I used one individual container).

Add a worm (not pictured)

Add another layer of dirt and another worm.

There you have it folks.  SIMPLE and fun!

I'm impressed (aside from the brightly colored worms) how much it really did look like mud and dirt.

I hope the kids (mine and yours... you know when you make them) enjoy them!


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