Saturday, May 5, 2012

Work It

Y'all yinz all know I'm in Pittsburgh fixin' getting ready to run the Half Marathon!  (This is only funny if you're a yinzburgher...  aka Pittsburgher.  Even then it's not that funny).  

Anyway, yesterday we went to the Expo.  This is my beautiful niece, Abbey and it's her VERY FIRST half marathon.  

Her VERY FIRST bib pick-up!  

And, of course, her VERY FIRST Half Marathon bib!  As Abbey would say... Work it!

 NOT my first half marathon (my 9th actually).  Working it anyway.

Also NOT Tracey's first.  I wonder how many she's done?  I bet she's done WAY more than I.  Tracey, how many is this for you?

I made reservations tonight to meet up with a few of my friends also running the race.  Abbey and I both rocked our boots.   Work it!

Here are the lovely racing ladies from left to right. Krista (her first), Candi (her first), Amanda (her first), myself, Tracey and Abbey.

It's hard to believe that Tracey and I are the veterans of the group.  Well hard to believe I am.

We can't forget to give props to our loving support crew.  Frank (Ab's "friend"), my sister Amy, and Amanda's fiancé Jason.

We topped off an evening of pasta with more delicious carbs.  We had NO PROBLEM killing this thing.  Girl knows how to work it!  

My clothes are ready, my alarm clock is set, all that's left to do is run this thang and of course, work it!


CKRogo said...

Have fun in the Burgh! I went to grad school there and fell in love with it. I almost came up to run the half, but had too much going on to commit. HAVE FUN!!!

G. said...

Good Luck kids! xoxo G.

tracey smith said...

I think this was my 11th half, not sure if I missed any. Glad to have run it with you!

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