Friday, June 29, 2012

Winner Winner of the Breeze Comfort Summer Gift Promotion

The Winner of the Breeze Comfort Summer Gift Promotion and therefore the winner of a BRAND NEW Strappy Sport Bra is G.

Here's G's comment:

I am 63 1/2 yrs old and REALLY need the support this Breeze Comfort Sports Bra would give me. I would be so very much more comfortable. I liked you an facebook too.

G please send me your full name and address and the size bra that you want to  Congratulations!  

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Let the Adventure Begin

Tomorrow is the day the adventure begins.  Tomorrow I bid adieu to my sanity and travel 24 hours cross country with 3 kids and 1 husband from Austin, TX to Pittsburgh, PA.

That's 24 hours of drive time in case anyone is interested.  So who knows how long it will actually take us to get there.  Yeah, like I said, goodbye sanity.

I spent the whole day trying to figure out how to pack for a family of five for 2 weeks and fit it all into a Yukon.  Ok yes a Yukon (the XL even) is a HUGE vehicle, but we are hauling wake boards, bikes, guns (yes guns... my husband!!!), coolers, suitcases and 1 stuffed animal apiece, in addition to the 5 humans.

Packing was no easy task. So when my Facebook friend Jenn tipped off all her friends that vacuum bags saved her road trip life, I knew I HAD to go and get them.

I took all of this,

put it all in here,

sucked out all the air,

and tucked it all neatly in here.

 I managed to get clothes and shoes for 5 people for a two week vacation, plus 6 beach towels into three of these duffles.  I'm impressed with myself.  Ok I'm really impressed with the vacuum bags.

See you a little more than half way there in Nashville, TN.

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Wordless Wednesday: Ella Draws the Family Edition

I found these on the kitchen table this morning and they made me smile.

My Family
I love my Family 
Jack (with sunglasses and big eye brows) 
Ella with a beautiful smile and nice lashes 

Nicholas sans eye brows 

Mom (me with a side pony apparently) 

Dad (George)  sans eye brows as well (must run in the family)

Don't forget to enter my Breeze Comfort Summer Gift Promotion for your chance to win a new Breeze Comfort Sports Bra.  Click here for details on how to enter.  I'll be picking the winner Friday.  

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Breeze Comfort Sports Bra Summer Gift Promotion

Ok so you probably know this, but I've had THREE kids.  Did I mention that I had them all in 4 years? Did I also mention that I breast fed ALL of them for a year?  I didn't mention that?  Well I did and that isn't kind to one's body.   As you can imagine, my "girls" aren't what they used to be.

I live half my life in a sports bra, and let's face it ladies, these things aren't the most flattering.  I like to have the ladies locked down pretty tight so that doesn't help matters.  Most of the sports bras I wear tend to flatten everything into a pancake.  How's that for an advertisement?   Would you buy a sports bra that claimed it flattened and gave you a pancake chest?  I didn't think so.   I've just kind of come to accept it, however.  It's just part of life.

So, when the people at Breeze Comfort asked me if I'd like to try out their new Strappy Sports Bra, I jumped at the chance.

Here is Breeze Comfort's own description from their website:

This soft line sports bra is designed to give great shape to the wearer while providing adequate support. The adjustable straps will give you the perfect fit. The v-cut mesh not only keeps you cooler in the area where most sweat collects, it will make you look sexier while you workout.

Made with our patented ventilated bra pads, it not only provide additional support, but also ultimate breathability that will keep you cool and well-ventilated during your workout.

I knew as soon as I opened the package with the bra that I was going to like it.  It gave everything I do have a nice shape and didn't flatten me like a pancake, yet I felt fully supported.

There I am in all my "I've had three kids" glory.  Sure I didn't have to post a picture of myself in the bra, but I wanted to show y'all what a REAL PERSON looks like in this bra, not some skinny model.

I really liked this bra.  Not only did it look nice, but it felt nice too.  I like the mesh "stuff" because I DO think it helped keep me cool.  I'm not so sure about the sexy part like the website described, but I did like the way it made me feel (especially the mesh on the back).

The best part about having made it to then end of this post, is that you can win YOUR OWN Strappy Sports Bra too.  Breeze Comfort has agreed to give away one to one of my readers.

What do you have to do to win?  Just leave me a comment on this post telling me why you'd like to win  this sports bra.  Want another chance to win?  Like me on Facebook and come back and comment telling me you did so and you can get another entry.

Good luck, I will announce the winner on Friday.

Guest Post Opportunity

If anyone (and I mean anyone) is interested in writ in a guest post while I'm on vacation for the next 2 weeks, I'd love to hear your ideas.  You don't have to have your own blog and you don't have to write really well (clearly I don't).  You just have to have a topic related to either being a mom (or a mommy type project) or fitness.

If you're interested please email me your ideas at and I will contact you.

Thanks and I look forward to hearing from ALL of you and featuring YOU on Mom Swim Bike Run while I enjoy vacation with my family.

Monday, June 25, 2012

Hula Barbie Cake

Yesterday was my daughter Ella's BFF's birthday.  Isabel turned 6 years old.  In case you're new around here, Isabel is Bianca's daughter and she and Ella have a very special bond.

I love Isabel very much, so when it came to her birthday, I was more than willing to help.  I volunteered to do the cake for her hula themed party.  I'm not cake expert, trust me, but I'm pretty happy with the way the cake turned out.

I used the Wilton Barbie pan to make the hula skirt.  The pan was easy to use and it came out of the pan clean the first time with no problems whatsoever.   I then just stuck the full size barbie down in the cake (which I had frozen over night).

I did a quick crumb coat with the green icing I planned to use to make the hula skirt.

I then used the "grass" tip and starting at the waist moved down to the bottom never stopping or lifting the tip.  I didn't care if it was straight or crooked because it added to the grass effect.  I overlapped as necessary to fill in.

I planned to use a lei around the bottom just to add some fun because, like I said, I'm not expert and I don't know how to make nice flowers.  I'm sure if you're wild and crazy you could make them.  Let me know how that works out for you.  

I did decide she needed a little more flower bling and added flowers around her waist using a small star tip.  I think the small amount of work added a lot.

Because this cake would never be big enough to serve everyone at the party, I also made cupcakes and iced them with tinted buttercream.  The hibiscus picks added a festive touch.

Not bad for a novice right?  Simple, fun and super cute... just like the birthday girl.

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Tri Texas Splash and Dash Race Recap

So you might know this little dude...  

He's my first born perfect child.  Yes perfect (I don't care what anyone else says/thinks, he's perfect to me).  I signed him up to do a Splash and Dash today.  Think Triathlon minus the bike.  This was a swim, run event.  His BFF Owen, Owen's brother Alec and his dad Rich were all doing it and I thought it was a great opportunity for Nicholas too.

I'll admit, Nicholas really didn't want to do it, but he agreed that he would.  I told George that he agreed because it makes me happy.  I can hear him saying, "I really don't want to do the Splash and Dash, but I'll do it because it makes my mom happy."

And he's right.  It does make me happy to see him do something like this.  You want to know why?  The reason is because everything comes so easily to Nicholas.  He's bright, and he's a good athlete and he doesn't have to work very hard to be either one (perfect I tell you).  Swimming, however, does NOT come easily to Nicholas.  It's something he has to try really hard to be good at and he's just average.  That's COMPLETELY ok with me.  I don't want him to be an awesome swimmer.  I just want him to challenge himself and gain confidence by doing something that scares him or that he's not great at.

I could tell he was very nervous as he waited in line to start his swim.  If you don't know him, you may not have known it, but I could look at him and see the nerves were there.  He had to swim 100 meters for this event and that's a pretty far way.  I let him know if he got tired to rest on the walls.  I also let him know I knew he could do it and that I was going to be proud of him no matter what the outcome.  I just wanted him to have fun!

It was his turn to enter the water and I was so surprised when he decided to dive in (literally).  I thought he'd slink into the water and push off, but he didn't.

He got in the dive position and waited for his signal to go.

And he dove right in.  Not a bad dive either.  It wasn't a belly flop.

He was off swimming and I got tears in my eyes.  I know it seems silly, but that is my baby in there doing something I know is hard for him.

As with everything, he gave it his all.

I could tell right toward the middle he was getting tired.  They were told in the beginning they could grab the swim boards from the lifeguards and hang on to them if they needed to anytime during the race.

Nicholas grabbed on once and held on for about 5 seconds and then kept going.  I knew he was tired and I screamed and yelled for him to keep giving it his all.  He probably never even heard me or if he did he was probably rolling his eyes and saying "shut up mom" in his head.

But, he made it and before I knew it he was off to transition.  I had a specific plan for him to throw on his shoes (sans socks) and a race belt.  I don't know how long he was in there (the official timing results haven't been posted yet), but he was out pretty quickly.

He was sprinting when he came out and I yelled at him to to go, go, go.  I guessed he'd give it all he had for as long as he could and then settle into a slower pace.

The race went out far beyond where I could see, and it seemed like he was gone forever (just my own feeling, he really wasn't).  I guess I was just anxious.  Sure enough in no time he almost completed his 1K run and was headed back toward the finish.

As I saw Nicholas coming toward the finish line, I was screaming run, run, run as fast as you can.

He came in giving me this look of, "why are you screaming at me you crazy lady?"

 He finished strong and fast despite his crazy mom's screams.

He crossed the finish line of his 100M swim and 1K run in 10:55 seconds.  This earned him the 17th finishing spot in his age group (out of 32).

To say I'm proud of my angel is an understatement.  I'm proud because he did HIS PERSONAL best.  He didn't try to beat everyone else.  He didn't even really seem to care.  His expectation was to have fun and he said he did that (except for the swim).

There'a another similar race coming up in August and I asked him if he wanted to do it.  He said, "NO", but I have a feeling he'll do it, just to make his mama happy.  Perfect I tell ya.  Perfect!

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Not Much has Changed

I posted this post last year on this day..... 

I’ve been pondering again….
I like red meat.  Steak even!  Medium rare. 
I like crab legs with melted BUTTER.
I like ribs and brisket.


I like baked potatoes with sour cream and butter and cheese and bacon oh and green onion. 
I like fresh baked bread that is warm and melts butter.
I like salad with blue cheese. 
I like pizza, especially buffalo chicken pizza.

Typhoon Lagoon 002

I like buffalo chicken dip.
I like french onion dip, and spinach dip and anything that ends in dip.
I like chips.
I like tortillas.
I like guacamole.
I like queso. 
I like things that are deep fried and covered in powdered sugar.

I like oreos.
I like cookie dough.
I like peanut butter. 
I like chocolate (especially with peanut butter).
I like popcorn.
I like milkshakes.
I like corn dogs.


I like french fries. 
I like nachos.
I like soft pretzels.
I like eating all these things and more. 
I have cellulite on my thighs and I run slowly.  Do you think there is any correlation? 
Hmmmm something to think about. 
I did run 3 miles at a 9:34 pace today.  Maybe it was that grape I had with breakfast. 

... Nothing has changed.  Isn't the definition of insanity doing the same things over and over again and expecting different results?  

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Wordless Wednesday: Chick and Duck Edition

Our neighbors bought a Zoo... or rather built one.  Haha.  So much fun for the kiddos. Thanks to Donna and Pedro for the awesome entertainment.