Monday, June 4, 2012

First Day vs Last Day

Today was the official start to summer.  Jack has been out for a few weeks already, but the last day of Nicholas' and Ella's school was Friday.

I can't believe how much each of them has grown (physically and otherwise) over one school year.   

Back in September Jack seemed so little and shy. 

Jack's frist day of pre-school this year 

He's definitely still shy, but he really learned a lot this year.  He may not have seemed to have been paying attention, but when you'd least expect it he'd pull something out of what seemed like thin air.  We'd find out later that he had learned it at school.  Even though he acted shy whenever I would drop him off at school, his teachers said the moment I left he came to life and talked and interacted.

Jack's last day of school (not the outfit he wore)
It's hard to believe he'll be in his last year of preschool and then off to kindergarten.  Time just moves too quickly.

I was a little nervous for Ella to start Kindergarten this year.  Mostly because I wasn't sure what to expect out of her.

Ella's First Day of School
Turns out there was nothing to worry about and she far exceeded any expectations I might have had for her.  She was accepted into the QUEST program at school (gifted program) and she's reading and writing so well.  She's still spelling the way she hears things (she drops a lot of vowels) but her stories are always creative and heartfelt.  I also love Ella's artwork.  She's proven to be a little artist and I hope it's a talent that will continue to develop.  It's one I envy for sure.  Ella will miss her Kinder teacher, Mrs. Bronstad.  Mrs. Bronstad was a VERY special teacher.  I know Ella will have her in her heart always.

Ella's Kinder Graduation 

To say Nicholas was NOT excited to return to school and third grade is a minor understatement.  He just doesn't love school and never has.  

Nicholas' First Day of School

Despite his distaste for school, he does have a love for learning.  He particularly loves to do research and really enjoyed doing his project this year on Jupiter.  He built a model and made his own powerpoint presentation.  He also was able to do research on a historical figure and chose Babe Ruth.  He loved looking up all the information about Babe and he'll probably still remember all the mundane facts in 20 years.  He's mind is like a little sponge (like most kids I suppose).  I'm so proud of Nicholas for getting straight As again this year.  I don't know what this kid will do when he gets his first B.

Nicholas was given the opportunity to test for the QUEST program this year and we found out he was accepted into the program and he will start at the beginning of fourth grade.  I think this is going to be just the challenge he needs to keep him a little more interested in school.

Nicholas at his award assembly with his teacher Mrs. Josselet 
So there you have it.  Another school year down and just like that I have a child in Pre-K, First and Fourth grades.  Wow!  


G. said...

Super Mom and Dad = Super kids! xoxox G.

Wymberley said...

I missed taking a last day of school shot! Think I could get away with doing it three days after?

momswimbikerun said...

yes... cheat... no one will know!

ron o said...

Great Job Kiddo's!! way to make mum and dad proud!

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