Monday, June 11, 2012

Georgetown Super Sprint Official Race Photos

Just thought I'd share the official race photos from the Triathlon yesterday.



Run (run happy).  I purposefully smiles and tried not to look cheesy but my hands are doing something weird.  That is not my usual running stance.

Last time I posted my official race photos I asked you to share YOUR race photos too.  Since my blog is so wildly popular I got a total of 2 pics sent to me.  hahaha  

Here they are: 

Julie's best, rocking out to the tune of 13.1 miles.  

Autumn's worst during a 5k.  Do you like her turtle neck?  Ok she's not really wearing a turtle neck.  It's her ear warmer.  Good picture or not that guy peering from behind the fence is totally checking you out!  ha!

Don't forget to send me your best or worst race photos and I'll share them on the blog.  Be sure to give me a blog link if you have one.  You can email them to me at


Steelerfan said...

I emailed you one of my husband and I. Did you get it?


Kortni said...

You look so happy! That is awesome!!

ron o said...

I wish I could still download mine..I am pretty sure my warrior dash pictures are gone --they expired crud. my marathon picture this year is pretty bad too. bib 30370. I am giving some weird creepy thumbs up. I was the only guy approaching the chair, and the photo guy gave me the thumbs up (probably signifying to me he was going to start snapping pictures) and for some (delusional) or otherwise brain dead reason I just flipped up my thumbs and gave this corny ass smile. HORRID

Amanda M said...

the photos on the bike are awesome! you look great!

Rain Gowens said...

Your bike pics turned out awesome!

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