Thursday, June 28, 2012

Let the Adventure Begin

Tomorrow is the day the adventure begins.  Tomorrow I bid adieu to my sanity and travel 24 hours cross country with 3 kids and 1 husband from Austin, TX to Pittsburgh, PA.

That's 24 hours of drive time in case anyone is interested.  So who knows how long it will actually take us to get there.  Yeah, like I said, goodbye sanity.

I spent the whole day trying to figure out how to pack for a family of five for 2 weeks and fit it all into a Yukon.  Ok yes a Yukon (the XL even) is a HUGE vehicle, but we are hauling wake boards, bikes, guns (yes guns... my husband!!!), coolers, suitcases and 1 stuffed animal apiece, in addition to the 5 humans.

Packing was no easy task. So when my Facebook friend Jenn tipped off all her friends that vacuum bags saved her road trip life, I knew I HAD to go and get them.

I took all of this,

put it all in here,

sucked out all the air,

and tucked it all neatly in here.

 I managed to get clothes and shoes for 5 people for a two week vacation, plus 6 beach towels into three of these duffles.  I'm impressed with myself.  Ok I'm really impressed with the vacuum bags.

See you a little more than half way there in Nashville, TN.


Steelerfan said...

Have a safe trip!


G. said...

wow - great idea - be safe! xoxo G.

Jenn Brereton / LoveLaughSweatFuel said...

Have a great trip! Glad that someone is benefitting from my post. They are great! My cousin/BP told me about them and I originally laughed. I gave her a big ole' thank you when we returned! Drive safe!

midn said...

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