Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Moms vs Sons Baseball Game

Last Friday was Nicholas' end of season baseball party which included a moms versus sons game.  I'd been dreading this day for a long time.  You have to understand, I do NOT play organized sports.  I'm truly NOT athletic (with a ball).  I'm a klutz and have been made fun of on numerous occasions for my athletic prowess.

Despite trying to convince the other moms that I couldn't come saying, I was sick, my kids were sick, I got called into work (I don't work) and my dog ate my homework,  I didn't get out of playing the game.  Funny they didn't believe any of my excuses.

When I got to the game I was so nervous about embarrassing myself, but I had to just put my fears aside.  Then they announced the line up and moms had to bat in their son's normal order.  Guess who the lead off hitter.  Yep... Nicholas!  GREAT I had to bat first.

What's the worst that could happen.  First pitch I at least made contact and it went down the first base line.  The first baseman tagged me out before I was even half way there.  Great, just great!  Oh well, at least I hit the ball.

All the other moms were surprisingly good and we were holding our own against these boys.  Even in the outfield we managed to not make a mess of it.

My next at bat I walked up to the plate and hit the first pitch again (I think) and I made it on to first.  Still, my ball barely trickled past first base and was right along the foul line.

The next at bat I asked George (the opposing team's coach mind you) what I was doing wrong.  Why was my ball just hanging out on the first base line?   He told me I wasn't hitting the ball hard enough.  So I get up to bat, careful not to be swinging for the fences and totally whiff it.  Um yeah... strike one.

The next pitch I was ready.  As it was coming towards me, I said to myself, "eye on the ball".  This is all very dramatic, but you have to understand I'm a Type A person.  I like to be good at everything I do.  If I don't think I can be decent at it then I don't try at all.  This is the reason I'm so critical of myself when it comes to running.  I know I'm just average.  But anyway, this is why I don't play sports with balls.  I suck.  I was, however, focused and determined and I DID keep my eye on the ball and I hit myself a home run.

Did you know running the bases is hard?  George said I was running so slowly, but I had no idea how to run the bases.  I kept having to run fast and then slow down to hit the base and move on to the next.  George says you just run full speed the whole time.  Jeeze, now you tell me.  I CLEARLY should have had a pre-mom versus sons lessons.

It didn't matter that I ran slow, because I hit a home run y'all!   As it turned out, we really started kicking booty against the boys and some of the moms decided we needed to let them win.  Damn it, I was gonna go for a grand slam.  haha

It was really a fun time.  I'm glad I didn't call in sick because I really would have missed out.  Just further proof to myself that I shouldn't be afraid to try new things.  Oh don't get me wrong I won't be signing up for any organized sports any time soon, but I can confidently not embarrass my son too much during a mom vs sons game.

Now.... who's going to teach me how to run the bases?


ron o said...

George is right, run through the bag :) try to hit it in stride, right in the center.

jennifer petar said...

I like baseball, and that's as good as it's going to get..
and Love the T shirt too..

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