Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Yurbuds Beyond the Wall Prize Pack

Well lookie, lookie.  What do we have here?  Only my Yurbud's prize pack that I won in the Beyond the Wall Photo Contest.   I owe all the thanks to all of YOU that voted for me.   I can't thank you enough!  I was like a kid on Christmas coming home to this package.  Look at all the awesome stuff I got.  I got a T-shirt, an AWESOME headsweat hat, an iPhone armband and of course the Ironman series Yurbuds.

Picture courtesy of Kelley
Even though I won't use the armband, Jack has wanted one for a really long time.  He's been begging for something to "workout with".  He makes me laugh.  Anyway, this saved me from having to buy him one.  I love the headphones (I already have a regular pair) and I'm excited to try out the Ironman series to see if I like them too.

Pretty much the only reason I run is for free T-shirts so this contest didn't disappoint since I got a free t-shirt.

I wish I would have said I wanted a small.  I always say medium and wind up regretting lately.  Note to self:  I am a size SMALL!!!!   It's not too big that I'll never wear it, but I would have liked a more snug fit.

I'm excited to run with the headsweat hat.  I REALLY needed a new hat and have been too lazy/cheap to buy one.  I've wanted to try out the headsweat technology so I'm glad I'm getting a chance for free.  If I like it, I think I'll buy a visor.  I'll let you know what I think!

I feel incredibly spoiled having won all this stuff through all of your hard work (votes).  Thanks for supporting your favorite mom blogger me.  Getting all the wonderful stuff was really fun!  I can't thank you all enough!  

Time for one last race photo that my reader shared.  Here's Letty rocking her Runner of Steel medal at the Pittsburgh Half Marathon.  


G. said...

Well at least you got something - not too bad - wonder what fish man got! LOL xoxoxox

Mark D. Rucker said...

Congratulations! It was an awesome contest. Your friends did a great job showing you some love.

Ellen said...


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