Monday, July 16, 2012

10 Questions to Ask Your Kids

I saw these "10 Questions to Ask Your Kids" on fellow blogger Kortni's Blog and I knew I wanted to try it with my kids.  I truly wrote exactly what they said and I can't say I was exactly shocked by the answers.  Just FYI I did all these questions separately so each person couldn't hear the others' answers. I think it's funny how some are very similar.  

1.  Tell me the five best things about you.

Nicholas:  I like sports, I have a good mommy and daddy, I have good friends, I'm smart, I'm handsome 
Ella:  I'm smart, I'm nice, I'm pretty, I'm good at writing, I read good
Jack:  I like sports, I'm good at hockey, I'm good at soccer, I'm smart, I'm handsome

I'm glad my kids all find themselves smart and good looking.  Not lacking in the confidence department.  

2.  What is the happiest memory you remember?

Nicholas: Spending time with all my family in Pennsylvania 
Ella: Spending time with my family 
Jack:  Going to Great Wolf Lodge 

It made me a little teary that Nicholas and Ella chose spending time with their family as their happiest memories.  I guess it is just the simple things (except for Jack). 

3.  Why do you like being a kid?

Nicholas: I can play more sports than adults can 
Ella:  I get to play 
Jack:  Because you get to play 


4.  What is your favorite thing to do in the Summer?

Nicholas:  Going on the boat 
Ella:  Go on vacation 
Jack:  Play outside 

I vote for all 3

5.  Name 2 things we did as a family this summer

Nicholas: Went to Pittsburgh, road a 4-wheeler 
Ella:  Went on vacation, eat together 
Jack:  Went to Pittsburgh, bought a hockey stick

I read this question wrong to the kids.  It was supposed to say 2 things you WANT to do this summer.  Nevertheless, these are 2 things we have done.  Apparently we eat a lot as that sticks out in Ella's mind.  

6.  What is the nicest thing you have ever done for someone?

Nicholas: Let someone go before me when I really wanted to go first 
Ella: Took a friend to the nurse 
Jack:  Put my mama's shoes away

Oh Jack, that is nice!  
7.  What is the nicest thing anyone has ever done for you?

Nicholas:  Mommy and MiMi make all my birthday cakes 
Ella:  When I'm reading and [mommy] helps me with the words
Jack:  Mommy and Daddy let me go skating 


8.  What do you love most about your siblings?

Nicholas:  That they're funny and loving and caring 
Ella:  They play with me 
Jack:  Ella since she lets me play with her and Nicholas he hugs me and kisses me

Warm and fuzzy all the time I tell ya!  

9.  What is Mom's favorite thing to do?

Nicholas:  Run 
Ella: Run 
Jack:  Take a nap 

I just thank God none of them said being on the computer!!!!  
10.  If we could spend the day doing anything you wanted, what would we do?

Nicholas:  Play a family hockey game on ice 
Ella: Go to Chuck E Cheese 
Jack:  Go golfing

I think all of those can be arranged.  The hockey game may not be on the ice though.   

This was a fun thing to do with my kids.  It opened up some good conversations with my kids.  I love to see how their little minds work. Try it with your kiddos!  


Watchpot said...

Love this - Nap - Jack knows you best! xoxoxoxoxo Granknee

Demanda Pants said...

that is so cute, I actually lol'd at the first set of answers! They really are confident! Good job Mom!

robringer said...

I decided to pose these same questions to Noah (11 months old today)
(I am just posting his answers)
1. Nahnahnahnahnahnah
2. muh muh muh muh
3. muh muh muh mummy
4. da da da da da da da
5. blank stare.
6. half smile toothy grin,
7. turns head to side, muh muh
8. screams at the top of his lungs in high pitched baby voice.
9. muh muh muh, shakes head, duh duh.
10. looks under couch, laughs to self.

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