Monday, July 30, 2012

Pull Pull Kick

Do you recall the title of my blog? No?  Well I will remind you.  It is called Mom, Swim, Bike, Run.  That is to indicate that I mom (as in mother, like a verb), swim, bike and run.  Well as you well know there's a lot of running up in here, but not a whole lot of biking and swimming.  It's not because I don't love biking and swimming.  It's just I have more friends interested in running with me so I tend to run a lot more.  In addition, I'm training for a marathon... you know running.  Today, however, it was time to get my swim on.

Today I couldn't do an early morning workout because George left at the crack of dawn for work.  I also couldn't make any classes at the gym since I had to be home at 8:45 for Ella to be picked up for an art camp/class she is doing and then pick her up at 10:30.

The point is, there was no way to get my normal morning workout in.  Usually when this happens the workout just gets thrown to the wayside for the day.  I was determined today, however, to not let that happen.  I decided to ask George if he'd come to our community pool with the kids after dinner and play for a bit while I swam.  He agreed and I was happy.

I haven't swam since the Gerogetown Supersprint Triathlon and then it was just 200m.  I set out today to do 1000 yards (our pool is 25 yards).  I probably should have done more, but I was happy that I was out there just doing anything at all.

 Here's what my workout looked like:

Warmup Set (200y)
150 easy @ 4:00, 2 x 25 kick @ 0:50

Main Set (500y)
5 x 100 [75 moderate/25 fast] @ 2:30

Warmdown Set (300y)
2 x [50 swim, 50 kick, 50 pull @ 0:15 rest]

This workout was a bit challenging for me.  I'm just not used to swimming at all and my arms and legs were both tired.  They were especially tired when I had to do the fast 25 yards.  I use the term fast VERY loosely.

To put it in perspective, I swim 50 yards quickly in just under 50 seconds.  The US Olympians are swimming twice that distance in the same time (or a tad less).  That is so insane to me.  I can't even wrap my head around swimming that quickly.

Oh well, I'll keep plugging away.  Pull, pull, kick.  Pull, pull, kick.

1000 yards in 26 minutes.  Mom. SWIM. Bike. Run!


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