Thursday, July 19, 2012

Vacation : Fire in the Bush

Ok this will be my last vacation post, but I could not go without sharing my favorite pics from the "Family Frenzy".  If some of them are duplicates, then I apologize.  My brain is too tiny to remember what I've already shared and I'm just too lazy to go back and look.  Plus I just want to have my favorites all in one place.

My nephew's body is insane and I say that in the least creepy way possible.  I admire his dedication and hard work.  You do NOT get a body like that without dedication.

These kids were in the water all day long.  I mean most days they were in the water more than they were out.  

Most days they probably spent 6 to 8 hours swimming and playing in the lake.  

Perhaps that is why 2 of my 3 children (Ella was spared) got swimmer's ear.  

Nicholas, Jack and Jaclyn were playing baseball and used the life vest to look like the umpire and catcher.  I don't know whose idea it was, but it was very creative.  Here Nicholas is calling a strike.

I love this picture of my niece and Ella.  It seems not that long ago that Abbey was Ella's age.  Now she's basically grown.  It makes me very sad.

I love these kids and they love.... the boat.  haha

Everyone always has so much fun tubing.  My kids are getting more brave and took some turns this year too.  

Hmmm I'm not really sure if Jack ever got on a tube... maybe he didn't.

I love this picture and turned it black and white (obvi) because I thought it looked great.  I'm going to print it for my Black and White wall.

The adults also tackled tubing and it was definitely good for some good laughs.  We all goofed around and realized those young kids make it look easy, but it's hard on the body.

It was nice to just relax, 

have some fun,

and spend time with my family.

The kids had the time of their lives.  I think if it were up to them we'd still be at the lake.   They were so exhausted because they spent so much time swimming and in the sun.  Their bedtime wasn't normal either as they stayed up LATE, but you can't do sparklers in the daylight.

When they did sleep, they crashed hard and slept in.  So I guess it all evened out.  

By the way.... they weren't the only ones

The highlight of the trip, however, doesn't have anything to do with tubes, wake boards, swimming or playing baseball.  Oh no, it was the fireworks-- bottle rockets.  One bottle rocket (the first lit), one bottle and one VERY inept brother-in-law.  

No, no everyone don't get the hose.  Just stand around and get pictures.  It's all good.  

That is was!  


tracey smith said...

Love the sleeping pictures! What a wonderful time for you and the kids and your family.

Hellersally said...

this is great. I truely hope you are leav ing these on a computer. you should off load them to a cd. if your pc ever crashes you will lose them all.. these are such great memories, don't take a chance with them.

Hellersally said...

should be "aren't leavingthese on yourcomputer"

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