Tuesday, August 7, 2012

ADD Training Schedule

My training schedule is all out of whack.  I don't know how it happened really other than to say just life.  I have my plan set up to do my long runs on Sundays.  This is mainly because my kids are involved in a lot of activities that occur on Saturday mornings.  That is NOT the case, however, during the summer.  So, I've been noticing I'm preferring to do my long runs on Saturdays.  It works out for me and doesn't interfere for any of us runners getting to church (*cough* when I go *cough*).  I've been going back and forth between Saturdays and Sundays and it's got me all messed up.

Anyway this is what my training schedule called for (in black) versus what I actually did (in red):

Sunday:  16 ran 15 I'm still working my way back up from vacation 
Monday:  75 minute Cross Train 30 minute swim 
Tuesday:  rest ran 7
Wednesday:  6 rest
Thursday: Bike 45  ran 6
Friday: 6 mile run rest
Saturday:  Rest ran 12 
Sunday: 10K race biked 17 and wake boarded (yes it IS exercise... it actually burns a ton of calories)
Monday:  75 minutes cross train 30 minutes CrossFit 
Tuesday: Rest Ran 8 
Wednesday:  CrossFit planned
Thursday:  Run 6 planned
Friday: CrossFit planned
Saturday:  Run 17 planned
Sunday:  REST!!!!!  planned

If that is not a training plan with ADD I don't know what is.  The problem is I was doing bootcamp on Monday, Wednesdays and Fridays for the past couple of weeks and kind of got into a Tuesday/Thursday run schedule out of necessity.  When I scheduled my CrossFit elements (learning the basics) classes I thought I'd still be going to bootcamp.  So I scheduled them for Monday, Wednesday, Friday because bootcamp was pretty lame and I figured I could handle both.

Well now the bootcamp instructor changed all the days of her classes and I just wound up not going at all for the last 2 weeks I paid for (don't worry I had a Groupon).  The point is, I was "stuck" with Monday, Wednesday, Friday CrossFit and Tuesday/Thursday running.

As it turns out, I'll be working out 9 days in a row with no rest.  In my defense I REALLY thought I'd be kind of doing active rest on CrossFit days.  My coach told me that the class explained technique and good form.  I had no idea he would be abusing me the whole time and that I'd be using muscles I didn't even know I had (and that was day 1).

There's no point to any of this really other than to tell you that I'm crazy, my training plan is totally messed up, and I'm just praying to get through these workouts alive.  Please understand I know that this isn't a smart approach and if I REALLY need to, I will take the day off on Thursday and/or Friday.  I also know that people push their bodies waaaaay harder than I'm pushing mine right now.  The important thing is to listen to YOUR OWN body and ease up when you have to.  Like I said, if I HAVE to I definitely will.


Rose at Hacker Half Marathon said...

ADD schedules make it a lot more fun! It's like you never know what's coming :) Good for you for picking up more activities - and I love how you think Crossfit days will be active rest. Not at all from what I've heard.

GKnee said...

Good Plan go till your body says no! xoxoxo

Momswimbikerun said...

haha well I just thought that b/c it was "just the training classes". I thought they'd say hold the bar this way and do a push up this way. I didn't think they'd make me do 100 of each thing. As far as the REAL CrossFit, I'M SCARED!!!

robringer said...

wow. i am tired just reading that. and i thought i was fit! lol

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