Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Comal River Tubing

At the beginning of summer I bought a Groupon for Comal Tubes to go tubing on The Comal River.    Basically they provide you with a tube, and transport you to the beginning of the river and pick you up at the end. What you do in between is up to you.  

So we joined tubes and set off down the "lazy river".   I tied up with Jack.  

Joelle (my very dear friend) tied up with Elise (her daughter) and Ella.

Nicholas tied up with his friend Owen (Joelle's son) and his brother Alec (also Joelle's) kept up with them.   They were probably 200 or 300 yards away form us the whole time.  They were instructed if they got too far ahead to stop and wait and they always did.

Just to "keep it real" there was one point where Nicholas got off his raft because he got caught up in a current and was trying to walk out.  He was trying to get back on the tube and flipped the tube over on top of his head.  I'm screaming at him to stand up because he could touch (but had no idea) and he couldn't hear me.  By the time I got to him I was screaming and he was panicking and I was mad.  I don't react well under pressure.  Joelle, was calm and all was fine really, but I was that mom yelling at her kid.  Yikes!

For awhile it was just Jack and mom floating down the river and that was fine and all, but I was kind of lonely without the girls.

So I started paddling to catch up.  If I would have known I had to work that hard I wouldn't have run this morning.  Ha!

Once we all tied ourselves together it was a lot more fun because Joelle and I had some time to chat.  I swear we could talk for hours.  I detect a theme among myself and my friends.  We talk A LOT!  I don't run with Joelle though so getting in our chat time is a little harder.  I'm glad we got this time together today.

We floated on the river for 2 hours.  I was just hitting my "fun limit" when it was time to quit.  Actually I probably could have floated longer, but that would have required sustenance.  Food was definitely needed in my belly.

Nicholas and the other older boys had a great time.  They were able to flip each other over and have some laughs along the way.  The rest of us just floated and that got a little boring for the young ones.  Still, I'm glad we got to do this before we left.  Another GREAT experience in Texas.


Rain Gowens said...

I saw that groupon and was tempted to get it! Looks like you had a lot of fun, and I bet it was so refreshing to get in the river since it's been so hot!!!

robringer said...

you should have been fishing too :)

Brandon - Comal Tubes Owner said...

We are glad to hear you had such a great time on the Comal River. We hope you visit us again. If so, just remind us of your blog, and the float is on us! No charge! Thanks for the great review.

Mark Hunt said...

i guess you got these tubes from http://comaltubes.com? am i right??

momswimbikerun said...


Mark Hunt said...

Great place that is really i love that place

Terry Wilkes said...

Best deal from groupon and would like to enjoy Comal river tubing

Terry Wilkes said...

That looks so much fun!!!You have some great ones!

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