Sunday, August 12, 2012

Dear Nicholas 2012

My Dearest Nicholas:

I know I'll probably say this every year until you're 60 (and I'm dead), but I can't believe you're turning another year older.  9 years old!!  The years seem to be flying by and I don't know what I can do to make it stop.  I guess that's one of the toughest jobs of being a mother-- letting your children grow up.

This year, as always, you have made me so proud.  You worked hard in school (ok fine you come by it naturally but I won't tell if you don't) and got straight As all year.  I know in the grand scheme of things this isn't a HUGE deal because it's just 3rd grade, but you've always been a great student and you continue to impress me.  Regardless of whether it was "hard" or not you put forth the effort in school and make the grades and there IS something to be said for that.

One thing I've realized about you is that sports are your passion.  I think you would pass up the opportunity to do anything in order to just play sports.  Your work ethic is what impresses me the most. At baseball you're always the one out there putting forth an effort even if it's not required or no one is looking.  It's because you love it and you want to do well be the best.  I hope you'll continue to be as passionate as the years progress.  Right now, baseball and hockey are you favorite (hockey is "a little pinch up") and I'm wondering if you'll stick with each of these as you get older.

You continue to be shy when you get to know new people.  You're not the one to go up to someone and introduce yourself and sometimes you don't even know what to say when someone comes up to you.  With adults you are especially shy, but that usually doesn't last long.  When you do get to know someone, you will talk their ear off and often divulge more than they probably wanted to know.  It's often good for a laugh.

I love everything about you.  I love the way you lick your lips when you are nervous.  I love the way your face instantly flushes and you hang your head when you're embarrassed.  I love that you still love stuffed animals and that you prefer to have your special blanket when you sleep.  I love your smell and sometimes when you're not around I'll catch myself stealing a sniff from your pillow or a shirt.  I love that you're a caring, sweet natured child who doesn't have a mean spirit.  I love the way you love ME.  No matter how many times mommy messes up or yells more times than she should, you always still love me.

Of course I think you're great, but I know other people see what a special child you are too.  You're polite and respectful and follow the rules because you know you should.  You might want to buck the system, but you don't.  I joke with Daddy often times that Jack will probably have to pull you aside at some point and tell you, "Dude, I do stuff mom says we shouldn't all the time."  It would just never occur to you to blatantly not do what you were told.  Don't get me wrong, you do things you know you're not supposed to, but nothing that's going to REALLY get you in that much hot water.

You're getting a bit older and you're starting to withhold hugs and kisses from mommy.  Mostly it's just in public, but sometimes at home too.  It hurts my feelings, but I know it's just part of the normal progression in life.  The one thing I know for sure is that when you do need those hugs and kisses, I'm waiting with open arms.

Even though I would love to keep you young and carefree, I know time will not be that kind.  Therefore, I look forward to watching you grow, mature and develop into a fine young man. I often daydream about what you will become and if I've done everything in my power to help you succeed.  Love is powerful and it's really the one constant "weapon" I have to offer.

I love you dear Nicholas.  From the moment you were put in my arms you were my baby and I loved you.  No one can ever take that away.  Happy 9th Birthday my sweet boy.



Watchpot said...

So sweet. :o)

Courtney said...

so sweet. brings tears to my eyes. Funny how that 1stborn has that special place in your heart!!

robringer said...

Happy Birthday Nicholas! I hope it brings you all the joy and happiness a little dude deserves. Well written piece Susan...(check my blog for Noah's one year post on friday :)

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