Saturday, August 18, 2012

Earth Yoga Clothing

So as you all know by now we'll be moving back to our home state of Pennsylvania and taking up residence in Pittsburgh.  What you might not know is that we aren't exactly celebrating.  Now don't get me wrong, WE made the decision to move back to Pittsburgh, no one forced us to do it and it wasn't required by George's company or anything.  Clearly it is something we wanted, but the decision didn't come without mixed emotions.

We are VERY happy here in Texas.  We love the weather, the people, the amount of things available to do at your fingertips and the awesome food.  Not to mention, all the wonderful relationships we have made.  Don't even get me started there!!

So I've been thinking about all the things about Pittsburgh I'm really looking forward to in order to cheer myself up and lessen the pain of leaving Texas.  Obviously, friends and family are number one on the list, but there are other things too.  Chinese food-- there is no good Chinese food in Texas period.  Pro sports teams-- we love the Pirates, Penguins and my beloved Steelers.  Pizza-- see Chinese food.  Proper seasons.  I can NOT wait for the Fall.  The Fall is my absolutely favorite time of the year. It's cool, but not freezing.  The kind of weather you can throw on a pair of yoga pants and cozy up for the day.  When it becomes fall, I trade in my athletic shorts for yoga pants.  It's the sign that fall has come.

So imagine my elation when I was sent clothes from Earth Yoga Clothing to review.  I'll be honest, when I first was approached to review the clothes, I hadn't heard of Earth Yoga Clothing.  I did a quick search of their website and quickly liked them on Facebook, and I got a little excited.  Earth Yoga Clothing is Organic sustainable clothing.  Here's a little info from their website about the company.

Yoga, an ancient art based on harmonizing the mind, body and spirit within the rhythm of the earth.
From this belief founder, Noreen Austin, has created Earth Yoga Clothing.
Marrying her 15 years yoga practice with her 20 year career in apparel design and merchandising.
Earth Yoga is a dedicated to creating eco friendly fashionable Yoga based apparel and offering it to the thoughtful consumers at reasonable prices.

I like the fact that this company isn't looking to be the next BIG company.  They're just a "mom and pop" shop trying to provide good quality organic clothing at an affordable price.  It makes me want to shop their products and it also doesn't hurt that it's eco friendly.

It rained in Texas today and cooled the air considerably.  77 degrees is a cold front around here, so I put on my yoga pants and T-shirt to give them a test run as we headed out for breakfast and to do errands.

I was sent the Flow Pant:

The Model 
 and the Spring Bloom Tee:

Don't we look like twins?  Just for your reference, since I'm not a long and slender model, I am 5' 4.5" and about 132 pounds.  I got the shirt in a medium, but if you're in between sizes I would definitely order down a size.  I probably could have easily worn a small.  I also got a medium in the pants and they are definitely snug on my booty.  They are also pretty long, which is good for you taller folks.  You shorter folks better order the capris.  Ha!

I have to tell you, these clothes are top notch.  The quality is excellent.  I don't own nice yoga pants.  Or at least I didn't up until now.  They are lightweight and breathable, but I can tell they will really hold up.  They are SUPER comfortable, and let's face it, that's the most important thing.  The shirt is super cute and I can also see that it's high quality.  I'm really excited to make this my uniform this fall.

Now I realize I wasn't out there doing Yoga (I don't do yoga), but you don't need me to tell you these clothes would be great.  Like I said, it was still almost 80 degrees and I sat outside in these clothes and felt completely comfortable.  Meaning, I know they're breathable.

I honestly don't see how, if you bought these clothes, you could go wrong.  Eco Friendly, HIGH quality and cute.  What's not to love?

Head on over to Earth Yoga Clothing and check it out.

I was sent these clothes for free to review for this blog, but all the opinions are my own.  


Gknee said...

Like. Xoxo.

Rain Gowens said...

I can't believe you like the weather here!! :)
Is it humid in Pittsburgh?
I like the shirt, it looks very cute!

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