Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Going Away Party

My friends so graciously threw a party, a Mexican fiesta to be exact, for my family and I to send us off to Pittsburgh.  I was told I wasn’t allowed to do anything and I was just supposed to show up.  When we arrived there was a hustle and bustle going on with everyone getting things ready. 

The decorations were so cute.  I especially loved the We’ll Miss Y’all banner.  

Then Kelley walked in with the cake and I about died.  Kelley is seriously talented.  I loved this cake.  It looked so great and said “Remember the Alamo Tirch’s”.  I mean seriously, who can put an Alamo on a cake and make it look that good?  Kelley can! 

Pretty soon it was time to eat.  There was so much food I didn’t even know where to start.  There was some seriously good food to choose from.  I wound up eating enchilada casserole (made by Mary… hello recipe please) and then proceeded to eat my weight in Texas caviar and Guacamole.  The BEST guacamole on the planet made by David and Bianca.  Yes I just dedicated a whole paragraph to food.  The food deserved it—it was that good. 

I spent the whole evening trying to mingle and say hello to everyone.  I felt like my time was being spread so thin.  I guess no matter how long the party was it still wouldn’t have been enough.  My plan was to take as many pictures as possible to remember, but I swear time just moved faster and faster and as each family left, my picture opportunities waned.  (Don’t get me wrong I still have over 150 pictures). 

After we ate the girls got together to give a little speech.  Bianca started off her heartfelt speech speaking in her native tongue (Spanish) and Kelley graciously translated.  I heard words like amiga and amor but when Kelley translated she reported that Bianca said I run like a chicken and swim like a whale.  Kelley was so hilarious.  That’s what I love about Kelley.  She is always fun loving and herself and not afraid to have a good time.

Val was up next to give translating a try and we all thought she’d be a little better at it.  Turns out Val had to choke back tears and had everyone in the room crying.  Nice speech ladies!  Haha  I know what Bianca said in my heart.  I never needed you to translate anyway.

Since the kids didn’t understand all the chaos and tears we decided to do something they could definite relate to.  The piñata!   Everyone lined up youngest to oldest to get a whack at the piñata.  They did let ALL the Tirches go first and I thought Nicholas was going to bust it open (he was close).  The piñata only made it through the young kiddos before the candy was flying.  That’s all the kids want anyway.  It was a fun time. 

It seemed like the evening just got started, but it had already been almost four hours and everyone was starting to say their goodbyes.  Even though I was going through all the motions, it just didn’t seem real.  I felt like I was just saying, “see you later” and not goodbye.  Maybe that was my defense mechanism to keep from having a total mental breakdown. 

I’m so thankful to my friends for throwing my family this wonderful party.  I felt so loved and it was so nice to have my friends gathered together in one place.  Thank you to everyone for opening up your lives and your families to the Tirches.  We are forever grateful for you welcoming us to Texas and showing us that everything is bigger in Texas, especially your hearts!!


Gknee said...

I feel like I have lost these friends too..have gotten to know them through tis blog and Facebook!

robringer said...

sounds like you made quite an impact on texas, tirch family!! Cool cake!!

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