Monday, August 20, 2012

Goodbye Y'all

I sit here and write this post on the eve of my moving "home" with tears in my eyes.  Who am I kidding?  They're flowing freely and there are plenty.  My heart is aching for myself and my children.  Today was a VERY hard day for me and hard for Ella and Nicholas too.  I stayed so strong most of the day, but as I sit here, all alone, I am overtaken by emotion.

Not ALL my friends are pictured here.  I just needed to make that clear.
You ALL know who you are and who I'm talking to.
The friends I made here in Texas were plentiful, but more importantly, meaningful.  I feel so much love, support and friendship from so many people.  I developed so many GREAT relationships with people and am saddened by how short lived our time was.

I'll never regret opening myself up to being close to my Texas friends, but it's been a long time since I've cried tears from heartbreak and it doesn't feel good.  I truly love you girls and appreciate that you've all been a part of my life.

Please know I will never take one moment we've had together for granted and I cherish the memories we have created.  I'm taking a little piece of each and every one of you in my heart and I'm leaving a little of mine here in Texas.

Until we meet again....


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