Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Hop the Train and Ride It

As you probably already know we moved back to Pittsburgh yesterday.  George left to go out of town on Monday morning so I was flying solo on this one.  I had 6 suitcases, 3 carseats and 3 kids and only two arms.  We arranged for a shuttle to pick us up to take us to the airport.  My plan was to do curbside check in so I wouldn't have to lug everything.  I mean how could I?

The shuttle picked me up at 6:20 for our 8:50 flight.  That was plenty of time to get to the airport.  I quickly realized, however, that I wasn't going to be his only passenger.  He made TWO more stops along the way.  That coupled with rush hour traffic meant I didn't arrive at the airport until 7:40.  I was a tad stressed.

He helped me get my bags to the curbside check in and I felt at least a little more relieved.  Things wouldn't go off without a hitch though.  The skycab couldn't find my reservation.  He said he could see me in the computer and listed as on the flight, but without being able to bring up the reservation then he couldn't help me.  He let me know I'd have to go inside.  I swear I gave him a look with my eyes that said, are you $%^(ing kidding me?  Seriously?  How was I going to get myself, 3 kids and 9 additional items inside and in line?  He must have taken pity on my because he said he'd go inside and take care of it for me.  Thank God he was nice.  It pays to be a damsel in distress sometimes.

After that, everything was smooth sailing.  We got through security in less than 10 minutes and arrived at the gate as they were boarding first class passengers (not us).  The kids did really well on the plane.  Our first flight was into Chicago and took just over 2 hours.  We got to Chicago in time for lunch.  We had just enough time to eat a VERY OVERPRICED meal and board our next flight to Pittsburgh.

Luckily the kids were good for me and there was no stress after the initial couple of "snafus".   It was actually a pretty uneventful day.

We spent today just settling in to our new environment (we are living with my friend Jami while our house is being built).  We made a big trip to the grocery store to get staple items (yes Doritos are staples).

Tomorrow is school open house and I'm going to go do my first CrossFit class in PA.  I'm hoping to settle in here and get into a good routine.  I know it's going to take some time to adjust and things will get easier as school gets going for the Ella and Nicholas (August 27th) and eventually Jack (after Labor Day).

It feels odd being out of my normal routine, but life is going to continue on, so I've got to just hop the train and ride it.


Kortni Mann said...

Good luck with the transition!

robringer said...

welcome home :)

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