Monday, August 13, 2012

I'm Official

Here I am talking about CrossFit again.   Don't pretend you weren't warned.

So I set my alarm for 4:35 (class started at 5:15) and went to bed by 10:00 p.m.  I woke up several time throughout the night.  The first time was at 2:00 a.m. and then I think I was up every 1/2 hour after that.  I swear I felt so nervous, like I was running a big race or something.

I got up out of bed and decided right away my stomach wasn't going to allow me to eat.  I brushed my teeth, got dressed, took care of business and was out the door.

Of course I was early.  I'm almost always early.  I figured I was wearing my big girl panties (not really I was wearing Under Armour running shorts) and I would be able to walk into the box (Lingo for CrossFit gym) with confidence.  As soon as I pulled up to the box the garage door was open and I could see in.  There were about 5 guys in there milling about.  I pretended to be checking my phone (as if anyone was paying attention) and glanced up occasionally to see if I could see my coach.

Finally at 5:08 I couldn't take it anymore and I texted my friend Kelly who was supposed to be meeting me there.  I told here it was all men and that I hadn't had the guts to walk in and I was waiting for her.  She promised she was just 3 minutes away.  (Kelly was my physical therapist and works at the clinic where they do CrossFit, but we were at the box).

Kelly pulled up and together we walked into the gym.  Another coach that was there greeted Kelly cheerfully and she introduced us.   I still felt EXTREMELY intimidated, but felt so, so, so much better that I was there with Kelly.

We started doing our dynamic stretches as Trevor (the other coach) was writing up the WOD (Workout Of the Day).  I was so nervous, I couldn't even look.  I imagined the most horrible of workouts and felt nauseated, but then the WOD was revealed.

I was relieved, disappointed even.  The WOD was the normal warm up.  That is:  5 burpees, 10 jumping jacks, 10 high knees, 10 butt kicks,  10 air squats, 10 hand release push ups-- AMRAP (As Many Reps As Possible) in 12 minutes.  I felt relieved that I could do all those moves and no one had to show me anything, but I also felt disappointed because it seemed too "easy".  I then shook my head and snapped out of it and counted my blessings.

Before the WOD began we had to max out on a Strict Press (determine the max weight we could lift 1 time).  A strict press is where you stand with the bar in front rack position (think under your chin resting on your shoulders) and push up locking your arms overhead WITHOUT bending your legs, dipping, or anything.  Guess what my max 1 rep was?  45 lbs (early today I posted 50 on Facebook, because that's what Kelly told me but Carson (my coach) recorded 45 so I'm going with that).  After that we had to do 5 sets of 3 reps at 75% of our max weight.  I did it with 35 pounds and it was pretty easy.  I think I was just so intimidated by the whole process at first that I didn't lift as much for my max as maybe I could have.  I'm just learning, so I'm happy with the way things went down today.

As far as the WOD, I was pretty happy with my performance.  I could have gone harder, but I was holding back (pacing myself if you will).  Not having ever done it before, I didn't know when I'd wear out.  As it got closer to the end and Carson was calling out the time I tried to kick it up a notch.  I busted out my last set pretty quickly.   I wish I would have gone harder the whole time, but you live and learn.

I wound up doing 7 sets plus 5 more burpees.  I may have lifted the absolutely least weight during the Strict Press, but a beat a few of those boys on the WOD.  Knowing I could have gone harder makes me feel good too.

And there you have it.  My very first OFFICIAL WOD.  It was so fun, but it was a little too much in my comfort zone.  Carson warned me Wednesday (the next day I plan to go back) is going to be "dirty".  I have a feeling I'm going to have a hard time sleeping again.

I promise I won't go into this much detail for EVERY single WOD.  I'm just excited because it's new and I think it will be fun to come back after I've been doing it for awhile and see how I felt in the beginning.  Thanks for putting up with my stories!


jamie@sweatyhugs said...

You did great! I've been CrossFitting for 9 months now! Honestly, the strict press isn't a lift where you'll be able to hit big maxes right off the bat or increase really fast, so job well done! Hope to read more in the future!

Momswimbikerun said...

Thanks Jamie. I'll definitely be posting more of my poor performances. haha Seriously, thanks for the encouragement.

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