Wednesday, August 1, 2012

July Photostream

Welcome to the Photostream series where I show you "behind the scenes" moments that I may not have shared on the blog.  Of course if you're my Facebook Friend or follow me on Instagram (sdtpharmd is my user ID... hit me up) then you've already seen all this.  

We enjoyed a Pirates game (with a walk-off home run) in the city I love, Pittsburgh.  

Ella celebrated the 4th of July in style with her red and white large brimmed hat and looked adorable!

 Jack finally got a ride on the four wheeler.  Yes I know that helmet is not approved, but it's all we had and trust me this ATV is literally from 1984 and barely moves.

Jack the turkey hunter. 

George found this shirt in his childhood bedroom closet that his mother had saved for over 20 years.  Fits like a glove.  ha!

I tried my first Lime-a-Rita.  I HIGHLY recommend it.

Ella and I treated ourselves to pedis.  This was my first pedi in TWO YEARS.  Having no toenails does that to a girl.  I'm praying I don't lose any this time around.

I finally got to eat at White Castle for the first time in probably 3 or 4 years.  I know most people think it's nasty, but it reminds me of my childhood and I love it.

Jack and I shared a mommy and me date and went to see Madagascar 3 all by ourselves.   It was a fun time just being the two of us.

I tried out "curly" hair.

The kids attended Vacation Bible School and I was the crew leader for Nicholas and Ella.  Spending 3 hours a day with 6 kids (4 not my own) made me want to pull my hair out.  I'm just being honest.  I'm shocked at the lack of discipline and respect among young children these days.  I think they might have broken me because I'm not sure I want to volunteer again next year.

Skiing anyone?  We wish!  Bring on the powder.

Dinner out with two of my favorite people.  Nicholas enjoyed time on his Daddy and me date with George.

School shoe shopping!  Does it get any better?

Whoops, those aren't school shoes.  I couldn't resist.  I've wanted metallic Sperrys for over 6 months and I finally broke down and bought them.

Drooling over the Madone 5.2.  I REALLY as in might sell a kid (maybe one of the VBS kids... I joke, I joke) for this bike.

Ella's new soccer cleats. She's flashy!  I love it!

I had been stashing cash away for summer fun and, on July 31st, this is all I have left.  :(  Maybe we have enough for popsicles.

So there you have it.  All our July Summer fun.

What have you been doing for fun this summer?  

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My kids were in the same VBS program. It seemed really cute. Who could resist flying pigs!

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what a sweet family :)

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