Thursday, August 23, 2012

Open House

Today was open house at the kids' schools, which I why I was in such a big hurry to get here in the first place.  My good friend Tracey has 3 kids as well and her two oldest have been in the same school district as my kids are going to for several years.  Point is, she knows the ropes.  So she took us with her to open house today and showed us all around.  

The teachers are NOT contractually obligated to be at the open house, but I was glad to see that both the kids' teachers were there.  Ella's teacher is very young and seemed very sweet.  She is right up Ella's alley.  

Ella reported that she is excited to go to first grade.  I said, "You're excited?" and she said, "Yes VERY excited."  That makes me extremely happy.    Nothing would feel worse than her being unhappy about her class.  Happy kids = happy mom!

Nicholas, as per usual, was unenthusiastic about school.  He barely said hello to his teacher.  He's just so darn shy.  When we showed him the gym, however, he wanted to go in and run all around.  I was happy with his teacher though.  She seemed to be very confident and I trust that this will be a good year.  I've also heard that she challenges the kids which Nicholas needs in the worst way.

It looks like great things are in store for my kids this year.  I'm excited to see them get settled in and breathed a little sigh of relief after today's open house.  I need to realize how resilient kids are and know this probably isn't affecting them as much as it is me.

Here's to an AWESOME school year.


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