Thursday, August 9, 2012

Then Versus Now

I was feeling a little nostalgic today and went back and started looking at old blog posts.  Sometimes it's fun to go back and see what I was doing this time last year.  To be honest, my life is eerily similar.  I'm dealing with birthdays, marathon training and Texas heat.  None of that has changed really except I noticed something.

On August 11th last year I wrote a post about my 8 mile run.  You know what I did this past Tuesday? I ran 8 miles.  In last year's post I complained about the heat, my sweating and using so much energy to combat the heat.  Funny, the same thing was true on Tuesday.  Running in the heat really zaps my energy and don't forget I was running on post-CrossFit legs so that didn't help.  I felt like I had a pretty crappy run on Tuesday.  I've been beating myself up because I feel like I'm not running as well as I was in May when I set a PR at the Pittsburgh Half Marathon.

So I looked at my 8 mile stats from last year's 8 mile run and this is how it played out:

8 Mile Run: 
  • Mile 1:  11:13
  • Mile 2:  11:18
  • Mile 3:  11:08
  • Mile 4:  10:52
  • Mile 5:  10:52 -----> Gu
  • Mile 6: 10:39
  • Mile 7:  10:25
  • Mile 8:  10:43 ----->  HILL!!! 
Total:  8.00 mils
Average: 10:54

Last Year 

And you know what I said about this run?  I said I was happy!  Here's what 8 miles looked like on Tuesday.

8 mile Run: 

Mile 1:  10:27
Mile 2:  10:39
Mile 3:  10:35
Mile 4:  10:33 -----> Gu
Mile 5:  10:41
Mile 6:  10:06
Mile 7:  10:15
Mile 8:  10:19

Total:  8.01 
Average:  10:27 

This Year 
Anyway, this is what I noticed.  I'm running a LOT better than I was at this time last year.  I know this because last year I was HAPPY about a 10:54 average.  Tuesday I was VERY unhappy with a 10:27 average and that's still 30 seconds faster than last year.

So, while I might be upset with myself that I'm not running they way I did at a race in May, I have to realize I'm also not running in the same conditions.  I'm glad I was here (last year) to remind myself (today) that the extreme heat (hello 85 degrees at 6:30 am) just zaps my energy.   That combined with everything else I've been putting my body through might be causing me to slow down a bit.

The point is, I need to relax.  Take each run as they come and try not to stress out about pace.   I am improving my running even if it's suffering through the Texas heat.  I don't know whether to say fortunately or unfortunately (because I'm sad) I won't be putting up with Texas heat for long.

And since I'm making comparisons, last year my long run this week was 16 miles and I finished in 3:02:59 (11:25 average).  Do you think I can do better on my 17 mile run on Saturday?


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Yes you will!

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