Wednesday, September 12, 2012

10 Midweek Miles

I think doing CrossFit and training for a marathon may not be a good idea.  I kind of knew that when I signed up for CrossFit, but I remember telling George that you can't always be waiting around for the right time to do something.  If you do, there may never be a right time and then you'd never do anything.  Where does that get you?

I'll be honest.  CrossFit is hard for me.  Like really, really hard and it makes me sore, like really, really sore.  Like I can't walk for three days after.  This makes running my miles VERY difficult.  Like really, really difficult.  Like today I could barely move and I had to walk a lot.  It wasn't pretty.  Like really, really not pretty.

I set out at North Park to run 10 miles today.  I would have to do the lake loop two times.  Ugh!  When I started out it felt like every muscle in my lower half was going to explode.  My butt hurt and my hamstrings were tight.  My shins ached (probably a product of wearing my barefoot running shoes to run in yesterday during CrossFit) and my Achilles tendonitis was acting up.  Not at all fun.

I completed the first 1.7 miles when I reached a water fountain.  I stopped there to take a drink and I stretched.  I felt a teeny, tiny bit better, but my body just wasn't having any of it.  I gave myself permission to be slow.  After all, that was the only way I'd make it through this run.  Around the 4 mile mark (yes 40 minutes into my run) my body felt like it could tolerate running.

Mile 1:  11:09
Mile 2:  11:02
Mile 3:  11:13
Mile 4:  10:52

Even though my body started to feel better, I was STARVING.  As in my stomach felt like it was eating itself.  I hadn't packed any Gu with me and I began cursing myself.  Suddenly it dawned on me that I had a kid's Cliff Zbar in my purse in my car.  All I had to do was make it to 5 miles and I could grab it.

Mile 5:  11:09

As I approached the 5 miles and hit my car for my food, I sat there asking myself why in world I would keep going.  I texted Tracey and told her I wanted to quit.   Tracey told me to take it slow.  Haha, little did she know I already was.  I decided, it might be tough, but I COULD do it and I was going to push on.

So I set back out for loop two.  The Zbar definitely helped to quiet my belly rumbles and I felt like I had the appropriate amount of energy to keep moving.  My legs hurt so badly, however, so I allowed myself to power walk up some of the hills.  20 seconds per walking interval.  Some of my miles were really slow.

Mile 6:  11:58 (oh boy)
Mile 7:  11:59 (oh my)
Mile 8:  13:47 (um how many walk breaks were there?)

Ok those may have been the worst 3 miles of all time.  I know I was hurting physically, but I feel like I mentally gave up on this run and it showed.

With just 2 miles left to go I tried to talk myself into picking it up.  I reminded myself that running on tired legs is important for the marathon.  I couldn't quit the day of the marathon and I'm not going to quit now!

Mile 9:  11:00
Mile 10:  11:13

Total:  1:55:43
Average:  11:34 

Well there you have it.  A craptastic run.  There's no two ways about it.  It just sucked from beginning to end.  I know some people are going to think that maybe I'm putting my body through too much and that I should take a rest day if I feel sore.  I honestly believe there is a difference between being injured and being sore.  If I felt like I were injured in any way I would most definitely rest.  I'm just sore and I don't feel like there is anything wrong pushing through muscle soreness.  Sure my ego pays for it, but so far that's it.

I better get used to it, because my mid week schedule doesn't appear to be getting much easier.  I have 3 weeks (alternating every other week) that have a 10 mile Wednesday run followed by a 20 mile long run.  Shoot me now!

Have you ever pushed through a run when all you really wanted to do was quit? 


Kortni Mann said...

I think your last two miles are awesome!!! It sounds like you wanted to die and crawl away, and you ran two of your fastest proud of that! If you meet a runner that has not wanted to quit, please let me know their secret!

Jessica said...

I have 24 days until my marathon and I am also doing CrossFit and running at the same time. It does kick my butt to do both. Today I ran 4 miles before I went to CrossFit and I was definitely feeling it on the box jumps and burpees. Keep it up. I feel like CrossFit has really helped my running and made me a much faster funner...if you consider 9 min mile fast!

momswimbikerun said...

Yes I most definitely consider 9:00 miles fast. Glad to know I'm. It the only one doing both. Keep up the good work and best of luck on your marathon.

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