Tuesday, September 11, 2012

10 Running Related Personal Questions

I was reading Another Mother Runner blog this evening and came across this cute blog post.  Dimity and Sarah didn't tag me to answer the questions on this post, but I decided to do it anyway.  Hey, they said we could.  I just love reading (and writing) things like this.  Hope you enjoy!

1. Best Run Ever:  Funny I was just talking to Tracey about this the other day and it's a toss up.  My two favorite races of all time were the Pittsburgh Half Marathon and the IBM Uptown Classic 10K.  Both of these races were PRs and that's probably why they are my favorites.  That coupled with the fact that they were both run with my good friends RIGHT by my side.

Pittsburgh Half Marathon
IBM Uptown Classic 
But, when I really think about it, my absolute favorite run was my run through Central Park last fall.  It felt so surreal to me to be running in Central Park on Marathon weekend.  Luckily for me, I get to do it for real this November when I run the New York City Marathon myself.

2.  Three words that describe my running:  really bad form

3.  My go-to running outfit is:  My black Under Armour heat gear capris (shown in above picture).  Also anything pink and black.

4.  Quirky habit while running:  I am sure this is more annoying than quirky but if I'm running with someone I HAVE to run on their left side.  Weird, but I feel all out of balance if I'm on the right.

5.  Morning, midday, or evening:  Even though I'm not a morning person, I MUCH prefer to get my run over with first thing.

6.  I won't run outside when it's:  Hmmmm I can't think of a time I won't run outside.  I guess the only time I've called off a run due to weather was when it was pouring rain and thundering and lightening.  Light rain doesn't bother me and neither does cold or heat, but being soaked and cold is no fun.

7.  Worst injury and how I got over it:  Well this isn't a running injury, but when I broken my shoulder and wrist it put me on the sidelines for a long time and definitely impacted my running.  I was on bed rest for 8 weeks and then had to SLOWLY and I mean SLOWLY work my way back to running.  It probably took me a full year to get back to my "normal" self.

8.  I felt most like a badass mother runner when:  When I fell at the 3M Half Marathon and smashed my face and still finished the race bloody.  How can you not feel badass crossing the finish line with blood rolling down your face.

9.  Next Race is:  Most likely the Buffalo Creek Half Marathon.

10.  Potential running goal for 2013:  Definitely a Half Ironman.  There I said it!

So there you have it.  I'll be tagging a few friends to get the party started.  
So Kortni and Ron, you're up.  
If you're a blogger feel free to answer and then leave your post in the comments.  
I'm looking forward to reading everyone's answers.


Christie Rogowski said...

These are great questions and I loved reading your responses. Now off to read your Pittsburgh Half recap- i'm running that one in 2013!

tracey smith said...

I was wondering if you would do this- saw it on a few other blogs. Love it!

Kortni Mann said...

Fun, fun! I will do it tomorrow. I have to think of my answers first! I have to run and walk on the left side too...totally agree!

Ron Obringer said...

good post!!

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