Sunday, September 16, 2012

Angry Birds Birthday Party

Today was Jack's Birthday Party.  His birthday was actually September 5th, but I was giving him some time to meet his new classmates and invite them to his party (after all we really don't have a lot of 5 year old boy friends just lying around).  Ha!  Anyway, it was a successful and operation Angry Bird Birthday party went off without a hitch. 

We decided to have the party at a bounce place called JumpZone.  I have to say that having the party at a location (rather than at home) made things pretty easy.  So much less to worry about (like a clean house).  

We got to the party place about 15 minutes early and set up our table and some balloons.  

Jami, her friend Amanda and I spent almost the entire day yesterday making these edible Angry Bird creations.  I am REALLY happy with the way they all turned out!

Can I just tell you that I have NEVER as in EVER played Angry Birds, but I had so much fun creating these little creatures.  

My favorite was the pig.

But wait until you see the cake pops.  Jami's friend Amanda is seriously talented and she helped make these awesome cake pops.  I'm seriously in awe of how cute they turned out.  I didn't want to eat these little birds (angry or not).  

The cups you see on the table were actually the party favors.  We turned the insulated cups into the pigs and the Red Bird.  They were filled with Angry Birds gummies and coloring pages and crayons.  I think the kids were pretty excited to get them and I felt like the cup was a cool favor that wouldn't just get tossed.  

 We weren't just here to have a pretty table, however, we were here to bounce and slide.  And bounce and slide they did!

Jack couldn't wait to see in the King chair!  He talked about it all week.  As you can tell by his face, it did NOT disappoint.  

I mean seriously, have you ever seen Jack smile like this?


One cool (unexpected) thing from the party was that Jack got to add his hand to the handprint wall.  I thought that was a cute little thing Jump Zone did to make the birthday boy feel special.  Jack really liked it.

After all the jumping was over the kids enjoyed pizza.  They ate surprisingly well and NOTHING got wasted.

As would be expected, Jack got a little shy as all the attention got put on him.

He didn't want everyone looking at him and singing happy birthday.

But we convinced him it was ok to look up...

... smile... 

... and make a wish.

The kids seemed to love the cupcakes, but they all seemed to like the cake pops best.  The loved the way they looked and they even thought they tasted really good.

Another birthday party in the books and another success!!!  I threw this party together on the fly and I couldn't be more happy with the way it turned out.  Thank you SO, SO much to my birthday sidekick Jami for helping do EVERYTHING and Amanda for the amazing cake pops!  You girls rock!


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