Sunday, September 2, 2012

August Photostream

August in Pictures.  Here are some things that happened in August that you may or may not heard about on the blog or through social media.   Wouldn't want you to miss out!  

Out with the old.  

In with the new.

I spent my last day cuddling "my" baby Kysa!  I love and miss this girl (and her family) so much!

The other part of our crew bowled.

I did my first CrossFit class.

I got a Magic Bullet for an early B-day present from my friend Jen.  I LOVE this product.  It makes making my smoothies so easy and mixes protein and milk so nicely (no clumps).

I ran my last run with Bianca.  I'm sure it won't be our last run EVER, but last for awhile at least.

Our house in Texas went on the market.

Another early Birthday present.  This gorgeous Tiffany necklace from Bianca.  She said the circle represents our never ending friendship.  I cherish this necklace and I've worn it everyday since she gave it to me.

We traveled across country and officially moved from Texas to Pennsylvania.

I picked out all the flooring and finishes for my new house.

I joined my new (old?) gym.

Another awesome birthday gift from Tony and Val.  The "I'm in for the run of my life" NYC Marathon shirt.  I love it!!

Finally, Jack's birthday card.  This is the rocks from the waterfall in my friend Jami's back yard.  What do you think?

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