Sunday, September 23, 2012

Ballerina Birthday Party

Today was Ella's 7th birthday party and this may have been my favorite party yet.  The girls just seemed to have so much fun and everything looked so cute.  I don't know though, they've all been so great.  This one just seems special since it was today.  

As always, Jami was there to help me in every step of the preparation.  We made the cake pops and I think they turned out too cute.  

I went solo on decorating the cake and basically I don't want to talk about it.  It did NOT turn out how I anticipated it would.  I was disappointed, but Ella REALLY loved it and I realize that is all that matters anyway.

You can see in the background we made each girl a print of ballet slippers.  Jami's aunt sketched this picture a long time ago and we shrunk it down and made copies for each girl with their names and then framed them.  They made a good backdrop for the cake and cake pops and I think the girls will like having them in their rooms.

I also made each girl a pretty pink tutu.  You can read all about how to make them here.  We asked the girls on the invitation to wear a leotard (or other comfy dance clothes) and provided the tutu when they walked in the door.  I was afraid some of the girls wouldn't want to put them on (you know how weird kids are) but they all seemed very happy about them and put them right on.

I also made these pretty pink flowers using the tutorial I found on Family Fun.  I attached them to dowel rods and they were given to each of the girls as another party favor.  Ella loved hers, so I hope the other girls did too.

We made pink lemonade to drink and served ham and turkey wraps (tortillas, ham/turkey, leaf lettuce and garden veggie cream cheese) with chips and pretzels.  I really wanted to keep it simple and girlie.  I think everything turned out looking GREAT! It helps that the dance studio is so beautiful itself.  Ella dances at North Pittsburgh Dance Alliance no naturally we decided to have the party at the studio.  If you're looking to have a dance party in the north Pittsburgh area,  I HIGHLY recommend having a party at North Pittsburgh Dance Alliance.  Jenn (the owner) was very accommodating and helpful and Miss Sam (the instructor) was awesome with the kids and incredibly sweet.

Once all the girls arrived and were dress, they took off to dance.  How cute are all of them in the matching tutus?  Too flippin' cute I tell ya!

They warmed up a little.

And got right in to learning a routine.

 Most of the girls have danced before, so learning it came pretty naturally.

I just can't get over the cuteness.  

Next it was time to eat.

Oh I forgot we had apples with carmel dip and cubed cheese as well.

Most of the girls seemed to enjoy the food.

They were just too pretty to serve them pizza.

Finally we celebrated Ella with her birthday cake.

She made here wish...

...and blew.

And just like that another birthday season is over.  I'm off the hook for another 11 months.  Even though the preparation and execution of the parties for my kids are kind of exhausting, I look forward to it and have fun every year.

This year is no exception and I'm pretty sure I had one pretty happy ballerina.


JH said...

Amazingly, original and cute- as usual!!! Your children are so fortunate to have such wonderful parties!

tracey smith said...

You are so talented. The cake turned out great- it looked fantastic and tasted even better. You are hired for my kids' parties!

Micheal Alexander said...

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