Saturday, September 1, 2012

Birthday Miracle

Yesterday was my birthday.  Another year has gone by and I have, inevitably, become another year older.  I see more wrinkles and, particularly in these pictures, I look a little tired and old.  I'm cutting myself some slack because... well I don't know why, but why hate on my birthday.  Ha!  

Thanks to everyone who called, texted, facebooked me.  I felt very loved by everyone.  The fam and I went out to dinner with Jami at one of my favorite restaurants in Pittsburgh, but I was VERY disappointed in my food.  It's a shame and I probably won't be going back.  If you know me, then you know I love my food, so having a crappy dinner on my birthday really bummed me out.  

We came home after dinner for wine and cake.   Jami and I partook in the wine and we all had cake.  

I also got some awesome presents from George and the kids.

Including a waterproof case for an iPod shuffle to wear while I'm swimming.  Funny I don't have an iPod shuffle.

Luckily I got one of those too!  It's pink.  LOVE!!!

I also got a Mellow Johnny's Bike Shop Jersey.  I wanted one to remember Texas.  Mellow Johnny's is Lance Armstrong's bike shop and it's in downtown Austin.  I'll think of Texas every time I wear it.

Jami bought me this awesome cake.  It was right up my alley because it was chocolate cake and the icing was whipped and not too sweet (just like I like it).  It was a smores cake, but to me it didn't have a smores taste.  Not that it mattered because it was still awesome.  I may or may not have eaten it again for my lunch.

For my birthday, Jami even agreed to be in a picture with me.  It only took 17 years for this to happen.  (Jami hates, hates, hates to have her picture taken.)  I do have one other picture where we are side by side, but I actually got an arm around me!  It's a birthday miracle.


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